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Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage with 4 Intel CPUs and the other good specs and best price

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Purpose-built storage arrays have evolved over the years to fill an essential role in the datacenter,



Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Features

Start with best-in-class

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage with 4 Intel CPUs and the other good specs and best price

Dell PowerStore 1000T Storage Purpose-built storage arrays have evolved over the years to fill an essential role in the datacenter,

providing ever-expanding levels of performance, capacity, and resiliency for mission-critical workloads.

PowerStore begins with the very best of modern storage technology,

delivering a new kind of storage appliance with advanced services to complement and extend existing on-premises environments.

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Any workload

PowerStore’s single architecture for block, file, and VMware vVols leverages the latest technologies to support an enterprise-class variety of traditional and modern workloads from relational databases, to ERP and EMR apps, cloud native applications, and file-based workloads such as content repositories and home directories.

DC, low-line power and NEBS-ready solutions are available.

The ability to accommodate application, multi-protocol network and multi-format storage diversity (physical and virtual volumes, containers, traditional files) within a single 2U appliance provides business-enabling flexibility and helps IT simplify and consolidate their infrastructure.

Performance optimized

Designed to leverage next-gen innovations such as end-to-end NVMe (both FC and Ethernet) and dual-port Intel Optane solid state drives (SSDs) as Storage Class Memory (SCM)

PowerStore delivers up to 7x more IOPs3 and 3x lower latency4 for real-world workloads compared to our previous storage generation, giving you all the headroom you need to ensure long-term value through multiple solution lifecycles.

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Scale up and scale out

Expanding the capabilities of your initial PowerStore configuration is simple and extremely efficient, as capacity and performance may be scaled independently.

Each active-active PowerStore appliance can grow to over 2.8 PB effective capacity, and multiple appliances can be clustered for greater performance.

Efficiency without compromise

Regardless of how you grow, PowerStore costs remain consistently low.

Deduplication and compression are “always on,” and thanks to Intel QuickAssist hardware acceleration,

PowerStore systems provide a guaranteed average 4:1 data reduction6 without compromising performance.

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Make it simpler, and more intelligent

But it’s not just performance and scale.

PowerStore also delivers unprecedented levels of intelligence and automation, eliminating complexity, while enabling faster delivery of new applications and services with up to 99% less management interaction.

Programmable infrastructure

PowerStore streamlines application development and automates storage workflows through integration with VMware and a broad ecosystem of leading management and orchestration frameworks.

You can provision PowerStore services directly from the application toolsets you use most.

For example, IT and DevOps users can take advantage of plug-ins for VMware (vRO Plugin), Kubernetes (CSI Driver) and Ansible (Ansible Module), reducing deployment timeframes from days to seconds.

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Autonomous appliance

Dell PowerStore 1000T Specs includes built-in intelligence to eliminate dozens of time-consuming tasks and decision points.

Labor-intensive processes like initial volume placement, migrations, load balancing and issue resolution are automated by PowerStore’s onboard machine learning (ML) engine

which fine-tunes both individual and clustered appliances, optimizing performance and cost as the solution evolves to meet new challenges.

Smart Fabric Storage Software support even automates network tasks in an end-to-end NVMe environment.

Proactive health and cybersecurity analytics

CloudIQ, included with PowerStore, gives administrators faster time to insight, with all the intel they need to take quick action and more efficiently manage their storage environment.

By combining machine learning, advanced analytics and human intelligence, the cloud-based app reduces risk, spots anomalies before trouble occurs, and helps even IT generalists plan for future storage needs with powerful forecasting.

CloudIQ makes storage management tasks easier, so you can get back to focusing on your business goals.

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Specifications

Base System Enclosures : 21×2.5” drives, 2xNVRAM modules four IO modules

Min/Max Drives : 6/96

CPU per Appliance : 4 x Intel CPUs

NVRAM per Appliance : 2

Base Enclosure : A 2U, 2 node enclosure with twenty-five 2.5” NVMe drive slots

Expansion Enclosure : A 2U enclosure attached to a PowerStore base enclosure with twenty-five 2.5” SAS drives slots (3 max per appliance)

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage  Power Supplies : PowerStore appliances are powered by 2 redundant power supplies (PS) per enclosure.

Data Resiliency : Dynamic Resiliency Engine (DRE)

Max Mezzanine cards per Appliance : 2

Max IO Modules per Appliance : 4

Embedded SAS IO Ports per Appliance : 4 x 4 lane 12Gb/s SAS ports for back end connection

Max front end Ports per Appliance (all types) : 24

Max 16/32Gb FC Ports per Appliance : 16

Max 10 Gbase-T/iSCSI Ports per Appliance : 24

Max 10/25 GbE/iSCSI Ports per Appliance : 24

Max Raw Capacity : 898.56 TB , 817.36 TiB

Protocols : iSCSI, NVMe-FC, FC, vVols, SMB, NFS

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Max Initiators : 2,000

Max Block Volumes/Clones : 2,000

Max Volumes per Volume Group : 75

Max Volume Groups : 125

Max Volume Size : 256 TB

Max Snapshots (Block) : 50,000

Max vVol Storage Containers : 50

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Max vVols : 19,000

Max. Appliances : 4

Max. Front End Ports : 96

Max. iSCSI sessions : 2,048

Max Initiators : 2,000

Max Initiators in an Initiator Group : 1,024

Dell PowerStore 1000T Specs Power Specifications : 1000

AC Line Voltage : 8.1 A max at 200V

AC Line Current (operating maximum) : 1629.6 VA (1597 W) max at 200V240V (+/- 10%)

Power Factor : 0.95 minimum at full load,  200 VAC

Heat Dissipation (operating maximum) : 5.74 x 10 J/hr, (5,449 Btu/hr) max 200VAC

In-rush Current : 45 Apk “cold” per line cord, at any line voltage

Startup Surge Current : 120 Apk “hot” per line cord, at any line voltage

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage AC Protection : 20 A fuse on each power supply, single line

AC Inlet Type : IEC320-C14 or IEC320-C20

Ride-through Time : 10 ms min

Current Sharing : ± 5 percent of full load, between power supplies

Weight and Dimensions   : 1000

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T Storage Weight : Full 41.7 kg/92 lbs

Vertical size : 2 NEMA units

Height : 8.72 cm / 3.43 inches

PowerStore 1000T with 4 Intel CPUs Width : 44.72 cm / 17.61 inches

Depth : 79.55 cm / 31.32 inches

Deployment Services : 

  • Dell EMC ProDeploy Enterprise Suite
  • Dell EMC Migration Services
  • Dell EMC Residency Services

Dell EMC PowerStore 1000T  Support Services : 

  • Dell EMC ProSupport Enterprise Suite
  • Anytime Upgrades
  • Dell EMC Optimize for Storage

Services & Support Technologies : 

  • MyService360
  • SupportAssist Enterprise

Recommended Range Operation : 18°C to 27°C (64.4°F to 80.6°F) and 15°C (59°F) dew point

Continuous Allowable Range Operation : 5°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F) at 20% to 80% relative humidity with 21°C (69.8°F) maximum dew point (maximum wet bulb temperature).

De-rate maximum allowable dry bulb temperature at 1°C per 300m above 950m (1°F per 547 ft above 3117 ft).

Improbable Operation (Excursion Limited) : 35°C to 40°C (with no direct sunlight on the equipment) at -12°C minimum dew point and 8% to 85% relative humidity with 24°C maximum dew point (wet bulb temperature).

Outside the continuously allowable range (10°C to 35°C), the system can operate down to 5°C or up to 40°C for a maximum of 10% of its annual operating hours.

For temperatures between 35°C and 40°C (95°F to 104°F), de-rate maximum allowable dry bulb temperature by 1°C per 175m above 950m (1°F per 319 ft above 3117 ft).

Temperature Gradient : 20°C / hour (36°F / hour)

Altitude : Max Operating: 3050m (10,000ft)

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