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Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Appliances

Elite Technology Based Provide you with the Best Protection for your data From Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Appliances and Data Manager and Data Manager Cyber Recovery also We will explain the difference between PowerProtect VS Data Domain




Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Appliances 

Simplify data protection, drive efficiency and accelerate agility.

Take on cloud, VMware and cyber recovery with PowerProtect appliances.

Dell PowerProtect appliances are your one stop for proven and modern data protection.

Keep up with relentless data growth, secure mission critical apps and meet the needs of emerging workloads wherever they are located.

PowerProtect simplifies data protection operations and reduces risk, enabling you to meet SLAs while lowering costs with :

  • Purpose-built Backup Appliances
  • Integrated and target systems
  • Cloud, VMware and cyber recovery capabilities


Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Appliances, Data Manager, Cyber Recovery and PowerProtect VS Data Domain



The next-generation of Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is all-in-one data protection software and storage in a single appliance that delivers backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics and more. Transform your data protection for the future with the DP series. It’s easy to deploy and manage and can help consolidate data protection software and hardware for any size organization.

Features include :

  • Systems starting at 8 TB to 288 TB usable capacity
  • Flexible consumption models
  • Cloud long-term retention and cloud DR-ready
  • VMware integration



The next generation of Data Domain backup appliances deliver enterprise performance, efficiency and scale. Designed to meet backup, archive, disaster and cyber recovery needs for organizations of all sizes, DD Series easily integrates with Dell and third-party backup software.

Features include :

  • Sizes from 4 TB to 1.5 PB of usable capacity
  • Software-defined version for ROBO, entry-level and cloud environments starting at 1 TB
  • Cloud long-term retention and cloud DR-ready
  • Cyber recovery integration

Dell EMC PowerProtect Back Up Appliances 



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Dell PowerProtect VS Data Domain


This is a comparison between Dell PowerProtect VS Data Domain


Dell EMC PowerProtect

Dell EMC PowerProtect is a portfolio of data protection and backup solutions designed for the diverse workloads and requirements of today’s enterprise IT environments.

The software and hardware in this product line cater to various consumption models and use cases, allowing for organizations to custom tailor an adaptive, adequately protective solution suite for their unique environments and requirements.

On the hardware side, the PowerProtect appliances are integrated systems that offer data protection software and storage in a unified solution ; users can access backup, replication, recovery, analytics and search functionality via a single pane of glass interface.

This allows for ease of deployment and management for both small business IT administrators and large enterprise corporate IT departments.


Data Domain

    It actually can mean a couple of things, depending if we look at it   from the point of view of data management and database management, or if we look at it from the point of view of data governance.

 Or think of it as looking at it from the technical side or the business side.

However if you’re in data governance, you need to understand the technical side because otherwise when you’ll be talking to those     technical data stewards and data custodians and IT, they might use the  term differently than you.

 Even when you’re talking to vendors, I think it’s good to understand both views of the terms.

 It’s frustrating for the same term to have different meanings, but working in data governance it’s something you’ll get used to as that’s one of the things that data governance will try to do, clarify these differences.


In Conclusion

     At Last  Dell EMC is integrating its PowerProtect data protection and management software with the next generation of its Data Domain hardware and changing  the name of the series.

Acutely The vendor’s next generation of backup appliances drops the Data Domain moniker and is now called the PowerProtect DD Series.

    As its new name suggests, the appliances are designed to work efficiently with Dell PowerProtect backup and copy data management software,      but the appliance remains an open system.

Customers can still freely use a competitor’s software on PowerProtect Data Domain appliances.


Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager

Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager provides software defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

  • Orchestrate protection directly through an intuitive interface or empower data owners to perform self-service backup and restore operations from their native applications
  • Unique VMware protection : Protect VMware VMs without business disruption
  • Ensure compliance and meet even the strictest of service level objectives
  • Leverage your existing Dell PowerProtect appliances
Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Appliances, Data Manager, Cyber Recovery and PowerProtect VS Data Domain

Software defined

Provide flexible data protection and compliance across applications and cloud-native IT environments

Multi-cloud optimized

Extend protection to the cloud with backup to cloud, backup in-cloud, long term retention and cloud disaster recovery


Backup and restore directly from native applications

Cloud-Based Monitoring and Analytics:

Telemetry, machine learning and predictive analytics to proactively take action and speed time to resolution

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery


Protecting your business starts with protecting your data 

Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats.

Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence.

  • Operational air gap with data isolation and immutability
  • CyberSense analytics and Machine Learning monitor data integrity
  • Accelerate cyber and ransomware attack data recovery


Assess your cyber resiliency

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Cyber and ransomware attacks are the enemy of today’s data-driven business 

Isolation :
Physical and logical separation of data within an air-gapped vault

Immutability : Preserve data integrity and confidentiality with layers of security and controls

Intelligence : Machine learning and analytics help ensure recoverability