Elite Technology Based

HP Partner

HP partner in Egypt

Elite Technology Based is An HP partner & Distributor in Egypt .
our Service Center is ready to maintain your HPE products


Elite Technology Based has been a strategic partner to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for over 1 year

With hundreds of accredited consultants and engineers and 4 areas of specialization, Elite Technology Based is HPE’s largest Egyptian Business Partner.

This scale and expertise means that we can help customers procure, configure, deploy, support and even retire HPE solutions in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

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we provide a tailored Technology Managed Service that’s perfect for businesses looking to transform their IT into a value-added element.

Elite customers get access to HPE’s vast product range at a cost-effective price, and Elite Engineers are continuously trained and updated on the best HPE technology practice.


elite and HPe create a Managed Cloud Service designed around you. Whatever your need, whatever your industry, we shape the cloud to address your concerns and pain points. If you want to work from a public cloud or a private cloud, HPe software and ITEC’s Managed Service gives you firsthand experience of a faster and easier data operation with end-user consistency and subsequent cost savings.


Safely storing data in secure environments is vital to every business.

HPE’s storage solutions, especially Nimble Storage, not only keep your data safe, they remove the burden of infrastructure workloads, placing the emphasis on creating work that grows yours business.

Elite designs a plan where your data storage isn’t just a box, but an important cog in your business machine that adds value and makes IT easier.


HPE delivers substantial solutions to IOT customers as part of elite’s Mobility Service.

With the development of a comprehensive network, organizations prime their workplaces for IoT as staff and guests can use their own devices while you have the security and control to make sure no device smuggles in malware.

HPE’s technology unleashes innovation by resolving common workplace issues.

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