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Enterprise Hard Disks

Elite Technology Based one Of the Best Provider to Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD We Will Provide you with variety types of Hard Drives To Upgrade Your Server Like 7.2 NL SAS and Mission Critical HDD 10K SAS Hard Drive and 15K SAS HDD

What is Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD?

Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD are High performance drives that are made to be installed in servers, where they are placed next to other drives of the same type.

They are made to sustain the frequent vibration caused by the neighboring spinning drives.

They are validated for 24/7 operation and we provide the support needed.

Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD are used to upgrade your server and storage products that are available in several different types, including Mission Critical HDD 10K & 15K SAS Hard Drive Performance Optimized, Business Critical 7.2 NL SAS Hard Drive Capacity Optimized.

Generally speaking, the Mission Critical or Performance Optimized drives 10K and 15K SAS are used in those applications requiring the highest reliability and performance and are only available in 2.5” small form factor SFF & 3.5 Large from factor LFF To Upgrade your Server and storage  With Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD .

Business Critical (BC) or Capacity Optimized drives 7.2K NL SAS Enterprise Hard ( Nearline SAS ) and SATA may provide much higher capacities, but lower reliability and performance when compared to Mission Critical.

They are available in both 2.5” small form factor SFF & 3.5 Large from factor LFF to Upgrade your Server with Enterprise Hard and SSD.

There is a fundamental transition occurring in the HDD industry.

While consumer drives are a quieter, lower cost option they are better suited for Business Desktops and Laptops and some lower cost workstations.

When you need reliability, high performance at a larger capacity Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD are the best option for a trouble-free operation.

Use Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD to Upgrade Your Server

Enterprise Hard and SSD 7.2 NL SAS and 10K SAS and 15K SAS HDD are used to Upgrade your server and large storage systems.

A massive storage system needs a drive which can respond, as fast as possible to transfer the data quickly and that is the reason why Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD come with some really high performing capabilities.

Data security is also highly important for storage systems and they need to handle critical data as well.

Loss of these important data can cause a great loss to the enterprise hard drive.

To save data loss in case of drive failure Enterprise Hard Drives and SSD comes with many data safety features, using these safety features can easily retrieve data in case of an emergency.