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Dell EMC PowerFlex

Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage  Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution that delivers flexible, scalable, and EMC Workload and IOPS Performance software defined storage.

Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage Flexibility Unleashed


The PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure platform enables organizations to harness the power of software and embrace change while achieving consistently predictable outcomes for mission-critical workloads.

PowerFlex Storage is a modern foundation that delivers extreme flexibility, massive performance and linear scalability while simplifying complete Dell Hyperconverged Infrastructure management.

It’s the ideal foundation for organizations to modernize their datacenter and workload infrastructure.

Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage Dell Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage appliance


Pre-configured and validated for fast, easy deployment, the PowerFlex Storage appliance offers a turnkey experience in flexible form factors.

Customers benefit from massive scalability potential without having to compromise performance and resilience.


  • Massive scalability potential
  • Simplified deployment and management
  • Flexible networking options
powerflex EMC Workload and IOPS Performance

Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage Rack


PowerFlex Storage rack is a rack scale engineered system with integrated networking that provides linear scalability and enterprise-grade availability.

The Rack is engineered, manufactured, managed, supported, and sustained as one system for single end-to-end lifecycle support.


  • Fully integrated rack-scale fabric
  • Complete lifecycle management and orchestration
  • Simple deployment and accelerated time-to-value

Modern Software-Defined Platform for your Mission-Critical Workloads


Dell Emc PowerFlex Storage empowers organizations to move faster and respond effectively to rapidly changing Business needs.

PowerFlex Storage provides unprecedented freedom to deploy and scale the critical workloads that drive your Business, while ensuring exceptional simplicity and manageability.


Harness the Power of Software

Unlock massive performance, scalability, and resiliency with software-first architecture.


Embrace Change

Respond to changing business needs effortlessly with a flexible, agile foundation.

Deliver Predictable Outcomes

Ensure enterprise-class outcomes with extensive automation and superior workload execution.

Explore PowerFlex Workload Solutions


Dell EMC Enterprise Databases and Workloads and IOPS Performance


Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage supercharges high-value performance hungry workloads with extreme performance, massive scalability and mission critical availability.

It is validated and optimized for a broad range of workloads and platforms to deliver blazing performance while simplifying infrastructure operations.


Analytics, AI and ML

PowerFlex Storage flexible architecture optimizes modern analytics deployments with demanding ingest, indexing and search performance requirements.

PowerFlex Storage provides scalable throughput and IO performance for these applications while minimizing infrastructure footprint and management overhead.


Modern Containerized Applications


With a rich ecosystem of modern application delivery and container management tools and platforms

Dell EMC PowerFlex Storage helps organizations looking to modernize their application architectures with a flexible, scalable, software defined platform that is easy to integrate with agile DevOps workflows.

It will give you more security for your business data

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