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Cisco Wireless Access Point

Elite Will Provide you with the best type of Cisco Access Points Like Cisco Aironet WIFI6 Indoor , Outdoor and Industrial Wireless Access Point, get a quotation for Cisco Access points with best price in Egypt for 2024

Cisco Wireless Access Point

Deploy your new Wi-Fi 6 network both indoors and outdoors with the Cisco Access Points.

Cisco access points and wireless controllers that meet your Wi-Fi needs.

Answer a few simple questions, and our selector tool will help you choose.

With increased mobility and an explosion of IoT devices, expectations for network security and speed have never been higher.

Cisco access points and intelligent controllers provide radio-frequency excellence for high density environments while meeting the 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) and 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) wireless standards


A Cisco Wi-Fi 6 network is intelligent and detects encrypted threats.

Built for IoT

Monitor and manage Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi tags, beacons, and other Internet of Things (IoT) sensors with a cloud dashboard.

Reliability beyond the standard

With superior connectivity, integrated security, and insightful actions, your Wi-Fi 6 network works for you.

Ecosystem leadership

Cisco collaborates with other companies so your Wi-Fi 6 network can evolve.

Cisco WIFI6 Indoor Access Point

The world has gone mobile and the demand for reliable, seamless wireless Access Points has never been greater. Dependency on networks is higher than ever.

Cisco Aironet Access Points are the next generation of Cisco wireless Access Points.

The Cisco Catalyst Access Points offer intelligence, resiliency, integrated security, and the benefits of the new, high-efficiency Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard.

Not only that, but these Access Points are ready for growing user expectations, IoT devices and next generation cloud driven applications.


What does the Cisco WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point standard offer?

Higher capacity : Up to a four times increase over previous standards

Reduced latency : Deterministic and uplink resource scheduling


Cisco Aironet 3802E   Air-AP3802E-H-K9

Power efficiency : Up to three times less power consumption on end devices

Greater IoT coverage : Allows your Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices to be further away from your access points

Improved interference mitigation : Provides a better Quality of Experience (QoE)

Outdoor and Industrial Wireless

Security, and bandwidth of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) to your outdoor network with Cisco Access Points.

A renewed focus on hybrid work

Our world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions.

Planning your network to help your organization respond to the unexpected is now more important than ever.

Features and benefits

More IoT devices connect to the outdoor network every year.

A Wi-Fi 6 network provides the level of bandwidth needed to accommodate these devices.

Ideal for IoT Devices

From cameras to lighting to alarms, more IoT devices connect to the outdoor network every year.
A Wi-Fi 6 network provides the level of technology needed to accommodate these additional devices.

Get access anywhere

Our outdoor access points use high-technology solutions and are made from industrial-grade components.

Extend Wi-Fi outdoors

Highly scalable coverage delivers indoor Wi-Fi 6 connectivity even in rugged and hazardous locations.

Ignore the elements

With rugged casing, these access points are highly resistant to temperature and weather conditions for optimal performance.

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