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Dell Laptop

Elevate your multi-tasking experience to complete your work tasks quickly, gaming sessions, and video editing with the Dell Laptop 12th and 13th Generation i7 with the competitive price and impressive specs in Egypt.

Dell Laptop

Whether you’re a content producer, gamer, student, graphic artist, or business owner, this laptop is an excellent choice for all your computing needs.

But first you must know how to choose the best Dell laptop?

There are many factors based on which you will determine the best Dell laptop such as Budget, if it is i3, i5, i7, or i9 or if it is 12th or 13th generation.

Dell 12th , 13th gen laptops

So! What’s the differences between 12th or 13th generation Laptops?

Laptop 12th gen

12th Generation Laptops

  • The 12th generation uses a hybrid architecture with two types of cores: performance cores (P-cores) and efficiency cores (E-cores).
  • The 12th generation has a maximum turbo frequency of up to 5.5 GHz.
  • The 12th generation supports DDR5-4800 memory.

13th Generation Laptops

  • The 13th generation has a new hybrid architecture with more efficient cores.
  • The 13th generation has more E-cores, which can improve performance for multi-threaded workloads.
  • The 13th generation has a higher clock speed.
  • The 13th generation supports DDR5-5600 memory.
  • The 13th generation has a maximum turbo frequency of up to 6 GHz.

Which laptop Dell i7 12th and 13th generation is the best?

Elite Technology based provide you the best laptops for business from Dell latitude series 12th and 13th generation with the competitive price in Egypt such as :

Best Dell laptops i7 12th generation : Latitude 5530, Latitude 5430 and Latitude 7430  

Best laptops i7 13th generation : Latitude 3340 , latitude 3540 , Latitude 7340 , latitude 5340 , Latitude 7440 , Latitude 5440 , Latitude 3440 , Latitude 5540 , Latitude 7640 and Latitude 9440

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Dell Laptop Price List 

Discover our Price list and get the fit laptop with the competitive prices for laptops in Egypt.

We offers the best laptops for sale at the best prices in the Egyptian market, as well as the specifications you require to complete your work with high efficiency and less effort


Dell Laptops Price in Egypt

If we consider the laptop price in Egypt, we should be aware that there are numerous specifications that determine this price.

such as components like processors i3, i5, and i7, and if it includes any graphics card like Intel LRX or Nvidia MX 350 or 450, has an operating system like Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu, or its hard disc size and RAM, it is necessary to specify if this price is added to the tax or not.

Browse through our extensive selection of top-quality laptops and find the perfect device to suit your needs and budget.

With unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service, we make it easy for you to stay connected and productive on-the-go.

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Dell Accessories and Dell OptiPlex Desktop Computers with Price in Egypt and Dell Laptops Price in Egypt for sale

Dell Computer Accessories

From smartphones and tablets to kiosks and ATMs, touch screen technology is everywhere today and our laptops are no exception.

With a touch screen, you have more ways to interact with your computer from tapping and swiping to pinching and stretching.

Touch screen laptop has a more intuitive way to navigate screens and input information.

Dell’s award-winning touch screen laptops combine stunning visual experiences, groundbreaking technologies, and best in class features to deliver screens that let you interact with your apps any way you choose.