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Video & Audio Conferencing

Elevate your B2B collaboration with industry-leading video and audio conferencing solutions from Jabra Panacast and Poly Studio X50. Our carefully curated selection caters to diverse needs and empowers seamless communication across teams, clients, and partners. Boost your Productivity with Conference room audio video solutions

Video Conference: is a technology Which allow people around the world to have online meetings as real, and this technology is directed for company meetings, Training sessions, and online learning

Audio Conference: This technology allows people in different locations to hold an audio call but it is different from traditional phone in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them instead of directly dialing each other.

What is the difference between Audio & Video Conferencing:

  1. Video conferencing: Utilizes both audio and video channels, providing a more natural and engaging experience similar to face-to-face interaction. You can see facial expressions, body language, and visual aids, leading to better understanding.
  2. Audio conferencing: Relies solely on audio, efficient for quick updates and information sharing, it lacks the visual cues that enrich understanding and build relationships.
There are many available options in our Video Audio Conferencing collection:
  • Jabra PanaCast
  • Poly Studio X50
  • Cisco Webex Room Kit
Conference room audio video solutions

Jabra PanaCast:

Transform Huddle Rooms: Immerse yourself in a natural 180° panoramic view, eliminating the need for multiple cameras and ensuring everyone feels present in small spaces.

Engage Every Participant: Foster dynamic discussions with intelligent AI framing that automatically adjusts the focus, keeping everyone involved regardless of their position.

Empower Remote Control: Enhance remote participation with Virtual Director Mode, allowing participants to virtually control the viewing angle for a personalized experience.

Poly Studio X50:

Poly Studio X50

  • Uncompromising Audio Fidelity: Experience crystal-clear communication with powerful
    speakers and beamforming microphones that capture every voice with exceptional clarity.
  • Unwavering Focus: Eliminate background distractions with advanced noise cancellation technology, ensuring seamless communication even in challenging environments.
  • Simplify Management: Streamline IT operations with Poly Lens, a centralized cloud platform for remote device management, configuration, and troubleshooting.
Conference room audio video solutions, Discover Your Ideal Solution:

Whether you prioritize immersive visuals, exceptional audio, or simplified management, our experts are here to guide you. We are here with you to understand your unique needs and recommend the perfect solution for your B2B communication landscape.

Additionally we are partners with Jabra, Plantronics, and Cisco. So we offers all Video & Audio Conference products with best price in Egypt.

Request a Consultation: Contact our dedicated B2B specialists today to schedule a personalized consultation and discover the solution that empowers your team to collaborate with confidence.

Business Headsets

For a unique Audio experience you need to get the best headset. Discover the headset that fits your needs to elevate your business

Jabra Business HeadSet

Jabra HeadSets

Level Up Your Business Calls with Jabra Headsets:

Boost Productivity: Stay hands-free and multitask while on calls, optimizing your workday efficiency.

Uncompromising Clarity: Experience crystal-clear audio with industry-leading noise cancellation, guaranteeing seamless communication in any environment.

Plantronics HeadSets

Plantronics HeadSets

Crush Work: Unleash Your Potential with Plantronics Headsets.

Sound Like a Pro: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio with Plantronics’ industry-leading noise cancellation. Hear every detail, be heard clearly, and eliminate distractions for focused communication.

Productivity Unleashed: Go hands-free and multitask like a boss. Take notes, manage tasks, and move freely while staying seamlessly connected to your calls.