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Dell EMC Unity XT Storage Array

What is the benefit of using Dell EMC Unity Storage Array ,  Dell All Flash Hybrid Storage  have modernized datacenters around the globe and delivering technology advances that simplify the task of keeping up with growing storage

No compromise unified storage built for a multi-cloud world


Simplify the path to IT transformation with Dell EMC Unity storage arrays.

Unity XT All Flash and Hybrid storage include a dual-active controller architecture, all inclusive enterprise class data services and lifecycle simplicity from acquisition through to services.

Unity XT storage arrays are designed for performance, optimized for efficiency and built to work in multi cloud environment.


Dell Hybrid SSD Storage

Dell EMC Unity XT Hybrid Unified Storage


Achieve the optimal blend of performance and cost efficiency with unified hybrid flash storage platforms that enable simplicity and efficiency and are built for multi cloud.


  • Scale up to 16 PB raw capacity
  • Inline data reduction for all flash pools
  • Installs/configures in 30 minutes
  • Active-active sync replication over metro distance
  • Including snapshots, replication
Dell XT Flash

Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash Unified Storage


Reduce cost and simplify operations with all-flash unified storage platforms built from the ground up to deliver speed, efficiency and multi-cloud support.


  • Up to 2X more performance 
  • Guaranteed 3:1 data reduction with no assessment 
  • Installs/configures in 30 minutes
  • Active-active sync replication over metro distance
  • Including Compression , Dynamic pools

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Dell EMC Unity XT All-inclusive


Data Storage Software

Unified Storage Flexibility


Consolidate separate storage platforms into a single Unity XT unified storage system to easily manage file, block and VMware VVol data from a simple and intuitive (HTML5) management GUI that also connects you to CloudIQ


All-inclusive Data Protection


Reliably protect application data with all-inclusive data protection services including snapshots, replication, Advanced Deduplication , Compression thin clones, dynamic pools and data-at-rest drive encryption


Software-defined Solutions


Take advantage of low acquisition costs and large capacity options with Unity XT software-defined storage and HA for onprem and in the cloud solutions


Multi-Cloud Alignment


What is The Benefit Of Using Dell EMC Unity ?


Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash and Hybrid Flash arrays Storage provide compelling simplicity and all-inclusive data storage software and Snapshots and Replication.

also Advanced Deduplication , Compression , Dynamic Pools  blazing speed, optimized efficiency and many more!

one of the best features is multi-cloud enablement all in a modern design to meet the needs of resource constrained IT professionals in large or small companies.

Designed for performance, optimized for efficiency and built for multi-cloud environments, these systems are the perfect fit for supporting general purpose virtualized applications.


Designed for performance

High-speed data access, low latency, dual-active controller architecture


Optimized for efficiency:

Guaranteed 3:1 DRR, integrated DevOps and iCDM, simplified management


Built for multi-cloud

Seamlessly expand storage to the cloud or consume in the cloud


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