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Nvidia Partner In Egypt

Elite Technology Based is Nvidia Graphic Cards partner & Reseller & Nvidia distributor in Egypt .

Elite technology Based IS graphic cards reseller and NVidia distributor and we CERTIFIED OF NVIDIA PARTNER  In Egypt
Elite technology Based is proud to announce that it is now a certified NVIDIA partner .
This partnership is another positive move towards Elite’s expanding GPU portfolio.
we are  leader in providing quality gaming and professional-grade graphics cards combining class-leading performance to class-leading energy efficiency.
From 1080p gaming to 4K and even 8K HDR, there is an NVIDIA GeForce-based solution for all budgets and performance levels.
Quadro and Tesla cards are designed for professional workstations and Storages  and servers
Nvidia Partner is the world’s leader in modern computer graphics and parallel computing.
Recently, however, NVIDIA has solidified their brand as more than just a GPU leader through their contributions to modern AI – the next era of computing.

Now, NVIDIA’s technology can be found in many enterprise applications such as data centers, robotics, biotech, and even self-driving cars.

Elite is heavily focused on delivering a full Server components and Workstation ecosystem to the channel where it aims to become a one stop for customers looking for MemoryNetwork Adapters , Enterprise Hard Disks and more .
It’s already seen considerable growth in this area, and it will only continue to grow stronger.
Nvidia Partnership graphic cards reseller

Nvidia Partner Tesla

NVIDIA Tesla GPUs are able to handle even the most demanding HPC and hyperscale data center workloads.

Data scientists and researchers can now parse petabytes of data orders of magnitude faster than they could using traditional CPUs, in applications ranging from energy exploration to deep learning.

Tesla accelerators also deliver the horsepower needed to run bigger simulations faster than ever before. Plus, Tesla delivers the highest performance and user density for virtual desktops, applications, and workstations.

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