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What is NAS?


Build your private cloud at home/ office

NAS ( Network-attached Storage ) is a smart data storage device where you can centrally store, manage and share all your files including photos, videos, music, and documents.

Make your own cloud storage at home or work with NAS Storage.

By connecting a NAS Storage to your home/office network, you can build and share a safe storage space with family members / colleagues that can be accessed from PCs or mobile devices.

It’s a smart device that stores and manages all your files, like photos, videos, music, and documents.

Connect it to your network and share it with family or colleagues.

You can access it from your computer or phone.

Easy-to-use and with rich features, a NAS is more than just a simple backup solution.

NAS Storage Device For Small Business Features

1- Store up to terabytes of data

NAS safely stores large volumes of any type of data.

The storage capacity depends on the capacity of the hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD) you set up.

A NAS can support potentially huge volumes of data with no monthly fees while maintaining the same convenient data storage as cloud services.

2- Backup all your devices

Automatically back up your PC/Mac and mobile devices to your NAS.

If you require extra protection, your entire NAS itself can be backed up to the cloud or another NAS.

3- Simplify team collaboration and file sharing

Share not only storage space, but also share and synchronize files across a variety of platforms and devices ; QNAP’s online collaboration tools are simple, safe, and secure.

4- Remote access NAS

When a NAS is mounted to your computer , you can access it in “File Explorer” > “Network” in Windows, or “Finder” > “Places” on Mac.

Most QNAP users locally access their files this way.

With a web browser, mobile app, or the TeamViewer application, you can enjoy secure remote access to your NAS files and services.

5- Security

QNAP’s encryption technology secures your data and prevents unauthorized access.

The inbuilt Security Counselor app also protects your files from viruses and malware.

QNAP NAS Storage Device For Small Business Features and Price in Egypt

RAID Configuration

QNAP Storage supports RAID Card 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and hot spare configurations which protects your data from hard drive failure.

Backup & Recovery

QNAP Storage Acts as an ideal backup center with large storage capacity and excellent file transfer speeds.


Privilege & Security

Safely setup user’s privilege for share folders and easily setup firewall to block unusual attempts.

Access Files From Anywhere Across Multiple Devices

A successful business relies heavily on smooth information sharing and effective knowledge management within an organization.

To achieve efficient client to client and device to-device file sharing, a solution providing smooth cross platform file sharing becomes essential.

Compatible with PC , Mac , iOS, and Android ; accessing files has never been so easy .

Powerful QNAP Storage Management

The QTS 4 Storage Manager neatly presents tools and options for managing system storage with an intuitive graphical interface.

With the QTS Storage Manager , IT administrators can easily deploy the IT storage with limited budget at initial stage and flexible expand the capacity with more hard drives or expansion enclosures as the business grows.

From basic maintenance to advance LUN management , various tools are available through the simple Storage Manager interface : from reviewing system storage allocation , to managing volumes , Storage Pools , disks and iSCSI storage .

Extra Protection With Cloud Backups


Backup your QNAP Storage to public cloud services

Cloud storages are known for its durability and reliability and are often integrated into one’s workflow, or home backup solutions.

Extra protection and prevention can be made for your QNAP by backing up the NAS to public cloud services.

QNAP NAS Storage now supports backup to services such as : Windows Azure, IBM Softlayer , Rackspace, HP Cloud, Dropbox, Google, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform and more!


Improve Productivity With QNAP Storage

QNAP Turbo NAS is more than just storage.

It also provides useful business applications, including web server and printer server.

Besides, various App Center apps available in the QNAP App Center enable flexible and wider online applications.

The Turbo NAS performs as a well-rounded system to fulfill smooth business operations with low total cost of ownership.


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