HPE Infosight In Egypt


HPE Infosight Elite Technology based Egypt

What are HPE Infosight Benefits ?

AI-driven operations for virtualised infrastructure
Avoiding application disruption and downtime is near impossible for organisations with virtualised infrastructure.

Use the power of AI to easily manage your complex hybrid cloud environments
HPE InfoSight uses cloud-based machine learning to optimise VM performance by diagnosing the root cause
and recommends the right remediation through app- and resource-centric modelling.

But what does HPE InfoSight do?

detailed insights from the world’s largest database of infrastructure information
HPE InfoSight has been collecting data for almost 10 years. With information from storage environments,
virtual machines and everything in between, it has a huge database to draw from.
Proactive recommendations from an AI-powered analytics platform
The HPE InfoSight database feeds the industry’s first and only AI recommendation engine,
designed to help you make informed decisions, prevent problems, make the most effective performance tweaks,
and optimise your resource use.

Multi-layer security with single-click recovery
We build security into the very silicon our hardware is made from, protecting our
firmware with the HPE Silicon Root of Trust. Combine that with automatic recovery and single-click restoration,
and you’re operating on the world’s most secure servers.

InfoSight clients also appreciate the software’s predictive capability to alert them to potential issues.
When InfoSight detects a problem in one organization’s system, its machine-learning models will scan the database,
looking for other systems that could be affected by the same issue. InfoSight contacts clients with a predictive alert
and provides a solution or recommendations on how to handle the issue.

InfoSight catches problems that other monitoring systems miss.
“A client discovered that InfoSight detected two non-storage-related application issues that his other subscription-based
management tools didn’t catch,” says Duffy. But the predictive capabilities of InfoSight aren’t limited to applications.
At least two data center fires were prevented by InfoSight detecting overheating in equipment.

The advanced monitoring tools and capabilities enable IT administrators to manage infrastructure no matter where it exists
in the world. Further, InfoSight takes on many of the troubleshooting tasks that used to be done by an IT administrator,
thereby freeing up that person’s time and attention.
“I’ve had IT admins tell me that we’ve given them their life back,” Duffy says. “That’s a big compliment.”

You can now Have a great weekend
You won’t spend any more days off searching for a root cause deep in your hybrid environment.
Every second, HPE InfoSight collects and analyzes data from more than 100,000 systems worldwide,
and uses that intelligence to make every system smarter and more self-sufficient.
The result? HPE InfoSight predicts and automatically resolves 86% of customer issues.

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