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Business Headsets

Elite Technology Based will provide you with the Business Bluetooth and wireless Headphone ​and Headsets for call center office with the best price and high quality

Business Headsets

A headset makes spoken communication possible without having to wear an earpiece or hold a microphone.

It replaces, for example, a telephone handset and can be used to talk and listen at the same time.

Other common uses of headsets are for gaming or video communications, in conjunction with a computer.

Business Headsets are available in many different designs .

The classic headset consists of a headset with two earpieces and a microphone on the end of a bracket, which is positioned near the mouth.

This variant allows for stereo audio playback.

However, when both ears are covered the ability to hear ambient noise is very limited.

The ear pieces are attached to a headband or neckband.

Although headsets with only one earpiece and microphone on a bracket allow only for mono audio, they make it easier to hear what is going on in the nearby environment.

The most compact designs have in-ear headphone with a microphone attached by a cable or a wireless Business Headsets, with a speaker and microphone combination fastened directly by an ear loop.

Elite Technology Based will provide you with the Business Headsets price and models

Business Bluetooth Headphones  Wireless  Headsets for Offiice  Call Center Headset  price

Wireless Headset for Office

Wireless Headsets for Office are powered by batteries, which may be rechargeable, and communicate with a base station or directly with the telephone via radio.

A wireless connection to a mobile phone or smartphone is usually managed via the Bluetooth standard.

Business Headsets that communicate with a telephone or headset base via the DECT standard are also available.

Professional solutions, whether wired or wireless, usually allow you to mute the microphone with the press of a button.

Important criteria when choosing a headset include the voice quality, the capacity of the battery and the maximum talk and standby times.

Business Headsets price and Models

There are Business Headphone Available From Elite Technology Based in Egypt Market

Bluetooth Business Headsets

Bluetooth technology makes mobile phones more functional, with handy little ear bud headsets that are completely wireless and allow for hands-free answering and talking on the mobile phone. In fact,

Bluetooth wireless technology has made many electronic components wireless and far surpasses infrared in its usefulness and practicality.

Bluetooth Business Headsets are high-speed, low powered wireless link technology that is designed to connect phones or other portable equipment together with little to no work required by the user.

Unlike infrared, Bluetooth technology does not require line of site positioning to work. From a technical standpoint

Business Bluetooth Headsets are very different indeed.
It is the best wireless method in the world, surpassing even infrared.

For communication on the go, Bluetooth is indeed very hard to compete with.

Business Bluetooth Headphones  Wireless  Headsets for Offiice  CallCenter Headset  price

Elite Technology Based is a partner with big vendors and providers for Headsets in Egypt such as Jabra , Plantronics

Business Bluetooth Headphones  Wireless  Headsets for Offiice  Call Center Headset  price

Call Center Headsets

There’s one nightmare for a call center agent. Imagine this situation :

A customer calls and he’s absolutely delighted with the company’s new offer. No negotiations, no desperate trying to convince him. He’s determined to finalize the deal as soon as possible.

But, a call center agent has an old and malfunctioning headset. He can’t hear a word, only some strange sounds.

Finally, a customer is frustrated with the inability to make the deal come through. He has a backup option, so he calls the other call center.

There, everything works well, he’s served brilliantly and he reaches an agreement in less than 5 minutes.

This is why having a well-working Business Headsets is crucial. It should be a lesson to call centers.

Background noise, screaking, low volume all of them can affect how well will you perform during the call.

If the hardware you use is of poor quality, so will be the service you provide. To give your customer the best service, you have to use the proper tools.

When it comes to making and taking calls the call center headsets you choose can be a game-changer.

Sadly, it can change the game for both good and bad.

If you go for Business Headsets price and poor quality solution your customers will end up hanging up all the time and your agents will keep getting frustrated.

On the other hand, if you go for Business Headsets price and high quality it will result in much better customer service which results in happy customers and contented agents.