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Gaming Laptops

as a gamer you deserve to get the best and the most smooth experience, but due to the development of technology and games requirements, choosing the right gaming laptop became like fighting a boss battle on the Hard Mode so we will help you to choose the strongest weapon to defeat the final boss.

There are different brands, and different models for every brand, Our collection contains Dell, and Lenovo Gaming laptops

You need to Know your priorities to choose the right laptop that matches your needs

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Gaming Laptops Models

How to choose the Best Gaming Laptop

Your choice will be based on your priorities:

Your top priority is performance:

  • Graphics card: it is the main factor to have a great experience with high frames and stunning visuals, powerful Graphics cards will make you avoid motion blur and rendering problems
  • Processor: Powerful CPU like Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 ensures smooth multitasking, fast loading times, and handling intensive games
  • RAM: 16GB is a good starting point, 32GB for futureproofing and demanding tasks.
  • Storage: SSD for fast loading times and responsiveness, consider HDD for large game libraries.
  • Efficient cooling system: Intense battles generate heat. Ensure your laptop stays cool under pressure with efficient cooling systems that prevents overheating.
  • Display: High resolution (1440p or higher) for sharp visuals, high refresh rate (144Hz+) for smooth action. Look for G-Sync or FreeSync for tear-free gameplay.

But your budget is a main factor that will effect on your choice.

Price In Egypt

One of the most important features for our gaming laptops collection is diversity in brands and models.

there are different laptops for gamers with different specification to match your needs and to match your budget

Whatever you have a low or high budget, you will find a laptop that match your needs here.

Additionally, We are partners with DELL and Lenovo, So we Offer all Laptops with best price in Egypt. Request a quote now

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Dell gaming laptops

Dell Gaming Laptops

Dell offers a diverse range of laptops for gamers, catering to different budgets and performance needs.


Variety of options: Dell has several gaming laptop lines like Alienware, G Series, and Inspiron Gaming, each targeting different segments (high-end, mid-range, budget).

Powerful internals: Many models boast the latest Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX or AMD Radeon graphics cards, and ample RAM and storage.

Cooling systems: From Alienware’s Cryo-Tech technology to G Series’ dual-fan setup, Dell prioritizes efficient cooling to prevent throttling.

Display options: High-resolution displays with refresh rates ranging from 60Hz to 360Hz are available, depending on the model.


Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Lenovo Gaming Laptops

Lenovo presents a strong contender in the gaming laptop arena with its Legion series, focusing on a blend of performance, value, and innovative features.


  • Strong performance: Lenovo equips the Legion series with the latest Intel® Core™ or AMD Ryzen™ processors, offering various options from budget-friendly to high-end configurations. Graphics cards range from mid-range NVIDIA® GeForce GTX™ or AMD Radeon™ RX™ to powerful RTX™ or RX™ options for demanding titles.
  • Balanced cooling: Lenovo emphasizes efficient cooling with features like Legion Coldfront, utilizing dual fans and multiple vents to prevent overheating and throttling.
  • High-quality displays: Options extend from Full HD displays with high refresh rates for competitive shooters to stunning 4K displays with G-Sync or FreeSync support for immersive visuals.

Elite Technology Based has expertise team can help you to choose the best laptop for your needs and your budget.

Additionally, at Elite we offer all laptops accessories and all products for your gaming setup as:

  1. Monitors
  2. Accessories, (Keyboard, Mouse, speakers)
  3. headsets
  4. Docking stations

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