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Data Center Spare Parts that are Used for Servers Upgrade, Explore our Spare parts collection for Memory upgrade, and Storage upgrade spare parts

Improve your Hardware, Upgrade your Servers, Storage and Switches

Data Center Spare Parts Feature

The availability of spare parts is critical for the prompt repair and maintenance of equipment, which is required for data centres to work properly.

As a result, having a dependable and efficient system for procuring and managing replacement parts is critical.

This system should be developed to guarantee that the essential spare parts are always accessible, of good quality, and compatible with the equipment in use.

By deploying such a system, data centre operators may reduce downtime, save money, and ensure that their clients receive high-quality services on a consistent basis.

it’s will give you some and good features such as :

  • increase data security and rapid use of applications and used to protect a data center and customer’s data from internal and external Failure.
  • you can Increase your Memory for faster performance With Memory Upgrade Spare Parts
  • Storage upgrade spare parts help you to increase the capacity of your storage and Server Storage , A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed network that provides multiple servers access to consolidated pools of shared, block-level storage.
  • Safe more electric power with Schneider APC UPS , The UPS determines the power draw of your equipment by interviewing you about your system and then drawing upon an extensive database of actual power measurements for equipment and peripherals.

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Elite Technology Based offers complete Data Centre Spare Parts components.

We have the essential stock if you wish to improve your servers with a faster CPU, more RAM, or additional storage discs.

There are several more replacement components available, including as power supply and RAID cards.

Because of our various collaborations, we can provide Data Centre Spare Parts at a much lower cost.

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With our cutting-edge improvements, you can boost your technical game and enjoy incomparable performance.

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The server replacement parts will be delivered to your door anywhere in Egypt within two to three business days of your order being placed if the item is in the stock already.

If the item is not in stock and will be shipped from aboard the shipping lead time shall be sent by our sales Department

The server spare parts are cushioned in many layers during shipping to avoid damage.

Receive a timely shipment of the spare parts no matter where in Egypt you are Cairo, Giza, Alex, or any other outlying region.

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