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Ruckus Partner Egypt

Elite Technology Based is RUCKUS Wireless partner & Reseller in Egypt .

Ruckus Wi-Fi is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services.

Also, it’s a global supplier of carrier-class, Smart Wi-Fi products and technologies and competes in the global market for mobile Internet infrastructure solutions and enterprise wireless LAN systems.

The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

Ruckus Partner Egypt Information Technology Partner


The options include on-premise, cloud-managed and controller less solutions.

No matter what the size, network layout or capacity requirements are, Ruckus have a controller to fit.

Wireless Access Points

The Ruckus wireless access points have superior antenna arrays, which are packed with patented technologies.

They also have a great selection of both indoor and outdoor APs, many of which have built in directional antennas ranging from 30 to 120 degrees.

Ruckus Switches

The Ruckus ICX fixed form-factor family of switches can be used standalone, stacked or within a campus fabric.

This flexibility means they can be used in a multi-vendor environment, or as a total standalone solution.

Elite Technology Based is RUCKUS Wireless partner & Reseller in Egypt

This partnership means we’ve deployed Ruckus Wireless solutions in many environments both indoor and outdoor wireless solutions, in sectors including Manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, retail, education, student accommodation and hospitality.

therefore we offer a complete line and industry leading product portfolio including indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, wired Ethernet Switches , an IoT suite and a range of cloud-based or hosted Wi-Fi control and management tools.

being RUCKUS Partner make us also offer network security, detailed analytics and open APIs, all with professional services and support.

Elite Technology Based became Ruckus Partner in 2019 and helped grow its brand presence throughout EMEA.

Now, as the largest and most significant Ruckus Partner, we continue to work closely together adding huge value through our technical services, large stock holding and financial flexibility,
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The benefits of being Ruckus Partner

Free Site Wireless Survey
Contact us and we’ll schedule a full site survey, RF Interference Mitigation report and heat maps absolutely free of charge, no obligation to purchase whatsoever

As Ruckus Partner

We innovate across wireless and wired technologies to meet industry specific network requirements, even in the most demanding use cases.

Our high-performance network

infrastructure provides secure, reliable
access to applications and services, no matter how tough the environment.

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