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Dell EMC Network Switches

Elite Technology Base provides you with a good choice of Dell EMC Networking Switches Models and  types Like PowerSwitch for Data Center and Managed Ethernet Switches in Egypt with Updated price list for 2024

Dell Managed Ethernet Switches

Dell Network Switches are innovative and reliable networking solutions designed for professional use in medium and large organizations.

PowerSwitch networking solutions are designed to simplify deployments and management.

Facilitate the increasing collection and flow of data generated from virtualized environments and emerging workloads.

Deliver the network performance from 10GbE to 400GbE for today’s modern workloads.

With a wide range of models available, each switch is designed to meet the specific needs of different organizations.

These switches support high-speed data transfer rates, enabling seamless communication between devices within the network.

They ensure maximum uptime through redundant power supplies and built-in flexibility capabilities that eliminate downtime risks.

Dell Network Switches also prioritize security with robust access controls, ensuring secure data transmission and preventing unauthorized access or breaches.

Dell PowerSwitch Managed Campus Network Switches

Dell EMC PowerSwitch switches are robust and efficient networking solutions designed for professional environments.

Dell EMC PowerSwitch N series is a family of energy efficient , cost-effective 1GbE , 2.5GbE , 5GbE and 10GbE Open Networking switches designed for modernizing and scaling campus networks.

These switches offer high-performance capabilities that ensure seamless connectivity, scalability, and security for enterprise-level networks.

Customer’s choice includes Dell EMC enterprise-class layer 2 , layer 3 feature set with OS6 or select third-party network operating systems .

Delivering a great choice of number of PoE and number of ports , they are ideal for powering wireless access points, voice over IP phones , surveillance cameras , building automation and Internet of Things .

Dell PowerSwitch Managed Campus

Dell Networks Data Center Switches

Dell EMC PowerSwitch S Series Switches

Developed for flexibility the Dell EMC Networking S series 10/40GbE switches offer a family of products that enable you to find the ideal solution for your specific needs .

Line-rate performance from 1/10G BASE-T to 40GbE and port densities from 28 to 48 with efficient stacking offered in many S series switches .

Industry hardened and feature-rich operating system for maximum dependability and uptime with select third party OS options and full support for iSCSI storage area networks , including DCB .

Dell EMC PowerSwitch Z Series Switches

Networking Solution for the future ready data center includes Dell Networking Z series of core / aggregation switches provide optimal flexibility , performance, density and power efficiency for your data center.

Offering a range of fixed-form-factor switches , the Z series is designed to deliver high performance for today’s demanding workloads while providing headroom for future data-center demands .

Elite Technology Based  exists to help organizations across Dell EMC Partner Egypt leverage IT including Storage , Servers , Computers , All Deferent Networking Switches Models in Egypt and Spare Parts with a good Price List to achieve their goals.

Our approach to client partnerships is different than any IT provider.

Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we focus on providing a customizable IT service that is specific to the needs of each client.

Additionally, the price list is regularly updated to reflect changes in technology advancements or market trends.

we provides detailed information on each product’s features, specifications, and pricing options.

Our Partners have trusted our experience, commitment to excellence, and insight to keep all their technologies running and optimized for the future.

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