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Server Power Supply

As energy costs rise and global populations grow increasingly aware of our collective environmental effect, firms that implement green initiatives stand to profit significantly financially and socially.

In this post, I provide a general overview of how Power Supply For Servers , Storage operate from an efficiency perspective and explain some ways more efficient power supplies and usage patterns are beneficial.

Servers Power supply load and efficiency


A power supply is used to convert wall/line AC power to DC power, which can be distributed and used to power various components in a server, such as the motherboard and the hard drives.

This conversion process has some overhead, which comes in the form of heat, and which reduces the overall efficiency of the power supply.

The more efficient the Power Supply For Servers, the less heat that is generated.

In simplistic terms, the efficiency of the Power Supply For Servers is the amount of energy that makes its way to the components needing the power.

The remainder of the energy is given off as heat.

Don’t forget that a power supply has to simply function, so there is a baseline operational cost that has to be factored into general usage.

This comes right off the top of the efficiency metric.

Many single use servers are overbuilt to handle potential demand peaks.

This means that these servers often run at well below their specs and never make their way into the higher efficiency ranges on the Power Supply For Servers due to the fact that the power supplies are never pushed to their limits.

When you add redundant Power Supply For Servers to the mix, the efficiency view gets even worse.

Now consider this :

Are you running servers with very high wattage power supplies but not running them at an efficient level?

If you aren’t sure about what you’re actually operating, you can compare the PSU rating in your server with what you’re actually seeing by using a device such as a Kill A Watt power usage meter.

Does that 1000 Watt power supply for servers actually draw between 400 and 600 Watts based on its hardware configuration and usage profile?

If not, your server isn’t running in the middle of the power curve, which is the sweet spot.

(Note: Just because your PSU is rated for 1000W doesn’t mean that it always draws 1000 Watts; it pulls only the electricity necessary to operate the system, which may be 400W to 600W.) 


Redundant power supply PSU solution

Don’t let the failure of one DC power supply shut down your production line.

With PULS, enable power redundancy easily and load share between power supplies to ensure uninterrupted power to your critical loads.

Power Supply For Servers can be paralleled for redundancy to gain higher system availability, however it’s not as simple as just that.

A redundant system requires a certain amount of extra power to support the load in case one power supply unit fails.

The simplest way is to put two decoupled power supply in parallel; known as 1+1 redundancy.

In case one Power Supply For Servers unit fails, the other one is automatically able to support the load current without any interruption.

Redundant systems for a higher power demand are usually built in a N+1 method. E.g. five power supplies, with each rated for 10A are paralleled to build a 40A redundant system.

It is recommended to use a redundancy module to decouple Power Supply for Servers from each other.

This prevents a defective unit becoming a load for the other power supplies resulting in the output voltage not being able to be maintained by the remaining functional units.

Tips for building redundant Power Supply For Servers PSU systems :

  • Use separate input fuses for each power supply.
  • Monitor the individual power supply units For Servers by a higher level system.
    Therefore, use the DC-OK relay contact of the power supply and monitor with a PLC, SCADA or BMS.
  • It is desirable to set the output voltages of all units to the same value (± 100mV) or leave it at the factory setting.


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