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Dell EMC PowerStore T Series

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Dell EMC PowerStore T Series


The ground-breaking Dell EMC PowerStore T Series all flash storage achieves new levels of operational simplicity and agility, utilizing a container based architecture, advanced storage technologies, and intelligent automation to unlock the power of your data.

Based on a scale-out architecture and hardware accelerated advanced data reduction,

The PowerStore is made to provide improved resource usage and performance that keeps up with the expansion of systems and applications.

Utilizing the proven capabilities of VMware ESXi, PowerStore T models with AppsON provide the unique ability to host data-intensive and storage applications directly on the PowerStore system with a storage based virtualization environment, with the flexibility of seamless movement of applications between the Storage system and external VMware servers.

PowerStore T models give businesses all the advantages of an enterprise unified storage platform for block, file, and vVol data while allowing for flexible growth thanks to appliance clusters’ intelligent scale-up AND scale-out capabilities.

Organizations can take advantage of all the advantages of a PowerStore T Series unified storage platform for block, file, and vVol data with the 500T through 9000T standard deployment models, which also enable flexible growth thanks to appliance clusters’ intelligent scale-up and scale-out capabilities.

Additionally, the cluster’s resources are managed automatically, which improves storage use and streamlines administration.

Designed for the modern data center, PowerStore’s data-centric design with NVMe and hardware enabled Advanced Data Reduction and 4:1 DRR deliver critical performance and storage efficiency for both traditional and modern applications.


Unified block, file, and VMware vVols support

Accelerate storage with NVMe Flash and SCM

Up to 3.59 PB of raw capacity with scaleout cluster


Protects investment with Future-Proof Program and Anytime Upgrades

Dell PowerStore T Series Model

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Dell EMC PowerStore 9000T Storage

Experience PowerStore T Series in our virtual lab setting

Dive into the management interface for the PowerStore Family platform and explore the ease of use and navigation as well as discovering the wide feature set available.

Dell PowerStore T Series Standard Deployment

Intelligent, scalable storage for today’s most demanding workloads


  • NVMe all-flash or SCM optimizes performance
    “Always on” data reduction with 4:1 guarantee
  • Native support for block, file, vVols, containers
  • Scale up and out to add performance or capacity independently
  • Anytime Upgrade keeps PowerStore continuously modern without disruption