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EX2300-24P Juniper Ethernet Switch

EX2300 Ethernet Switch delivers a compact, high-density, cost-effective solution for small network environments where space and power are at a premium.


EX2300-24P Juniper Ethernet Switch

EX2300-24P is a Juniper EX2300 24P switch with 24-port 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+, 4 x 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ (optics sold separately).

EX2300 Ethernet Switch delivers a compact, high-density, cost-effective solution for small network environments where space and power are at a premium.

With a small, 1 U footprint, the EX2300 is perfect for access-layer deployments in micro branches, retail and workgroup environments, and converged network access in larger networks.

The Juniper Networks Juniper ex2300 24p line of Ethernet switches offers a compact, high performance solution for supporting today’s converged network access deployments.

Each EX2300-24P switch includes an ASIC-based Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) with an integrated CPU to consistently deliver wire-rate forwarding, even with all control plane features enabled.

Based on existing, field-proven Juniper Networks technology, the PFE brings the same level of carrier-class performance and reliability to the EX2300 switches that Juniper Networks routers bring to the world’s largest service provider networks.

Select EX2300-24P models also support the 802.3af Class 3 Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 802.3at PoE+ standards for supporting networked devices such as telephones, video cameras, IEEE 802.11ac WLAN access points, and videophones in converged networks.

The PoE-enabled Juniper ex2300 24p switches include a maximum system budget of 750 watts to deliver up to 30 watts to select ports.

EX2300-24P Juniper Ethernet Switch

Additional features Juniper ex2300 24p include :

• PoE-enabled EX2300-24P switches can simultaneously deliver up to 15.4 watts of standards-based 802.3af Class 3 PoE to a maximum of 48 ports or 30 watts of standards-based 802.3at PoE+ to a maximum of 24 ports, based on a total system budget of 750 watts.

• Uplink ports can be configured as Virtual Chassis interfaces and connected via standard 10GbE optics interfaces (optional Virtual Chassis license required)

• Fixed power supply and uplink ports ensure operational simplicity.

• Low power consumption, low acoustic fans, and a small 10- inch deep footprint enable flexible, environmentally friendly deployment.

Juniper ex2300 24p Support for L2 protocols as well as L3 protocols like RIP and static routing are included in the base license.

• Support is available for IPv6 management, including neighbor discovery, telnet, SSH, DNS, system log, and NTP.

• A single release train for Juniper Networks Junos operating system is supported to ensure a consistent control plane feature implementation.

• Modular Junos OS prevents a switch reboot if a single protocol feature fails.

• Built-in Web interface (Juniper ex2300 24p , J-Web Software) is provided.

• RJ-45 serial console port is available.

• USB mini console port is included on 1GbE access switch models.

• Out-of-band Ethernet management port is provided.

• Reduction of Hazardous Waste (RoHS) is certified.

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