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Network Switches Types like Ethernet and Fiber and 48Port designed For Business vary depending on the size and requirements of the organizations.

For example, the networking infrastructure needs of a small organization with fewer devices will be less complex than the infrastructure of a large organization with a significant number of devices and connections.

Network switching is a computer networking device moreover called a switching hub, and formally known as MAC bridge.

Layer 2 Switches 

Layer 2 switches operate using physical network addresses.

Physical addresses, also known as link-layer, hardware, or MAC layer addresses, identify individual devices.

Switches operating at Layer 2 are very fast because they’re just sorting physical addresses, but they usually aren’t very smart.

Layer 3 Switches 

Layer 3 switches use network or IP addresses that identify locations on the network.

Physical addresses identify devices; network addresses identify locations.

A location can be a LAN workstation, a location in a computer’s memory, or even a packet of data traveling through a network.

Network addresses are hierarchical.

The more details included, the more specific the address becomes and the easier it is to find.

Switches operating at Layer 3 are smarter than Layer 2 devices and incorporate routing functions to actively calculate the best way to send a packet to its destination.
However, because Layer 3 Switches take the extra time to read more details of a network address, they are sometimes much slower than Layer 2 Switches.

The essential focal point of Elite Technology Based has been simply to give our customers the best network for their networking purposes.

Also, the organization offers an assortment of switch models with moderate costs.

If you are in need of industrial Ethernet and Fiber switch 48Port and industrial POE extenders which are designed for use in harsh environments or out door switch applications and allow you to build cost-effective, reliable, secure industrial networks or if you require an unmanaged switch for a point to point link, a managed switch for redundancy or a layer 3 switch for routing,

We have wide range of industrial Ethernet Network Switches For Business Types and industrial POE extenders in our portfolio.

We also keep the stocks of media converters, POE injectors, SFP fiber splicing modules

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