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HPE Aruba 7000 Series Mobility Controllers

The 7000 Series Mobility Controller running ArubaOS delivers industry-leading network services that maximize Wi-Fi performance, ensure seamless roaming, and extends secure VPN access for Remote APs, Instant APs and VIA VPN clients.


HPE Aruba 7000 Series Mobility Controllers

Aruba 7000 Series Controller Extending enterprise Wireless networks to every branch has never been simpler

The 7000 Series Mobility Controller running Aruba OS delivers industry-leading network services that maximize Wi-Fi performance, ensure seamless roaming, and extends secure VPN access for Remote APs, Instant APs and VIA VPN clients.

The 7000 Series also serves as the key policy enforcement agent within the Dynamic Segmentation solution.

Enforcement is accomplished through an industry-first user firewall (PEF), built-in Layer 7 application visibility and control, and web content filtering (WebCC).

As part of a controller cluster managed by Aruba’s Mobility Conductor, the 7000 Series can take advantage of the full ArubaOS feature set, including centralized configuration hierarchy, AI-powered AirWatch, live firmware upgrades and secure multi-tenant SSID segmentation (MultiZone).

With support for up to 64 access points (APs), 24 Ethernet ports, and multiple WAN connections, the 7000 Series can provide up to 6 Gbps of firewall throughput plenty of capacity for the most demanding distributed enterprise environments.

Aruba 7000 Series Controller Specifications

Simple and secure access  :

  • The 7000 Series serves a key role in Dynamic Segmentation, providing Aruba’s Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) to enforce policies based on user role, device type, application, and network location – and simplifying and securing wired and wireless network access.

  • Traffic is encapsulated in GRE tunnels for complete encryption all the way from an AP or switch.

  • This feature can be enabled with the ArubaOS PEF license and eliminates the need to manually configure SSIDs, VLANs or ACLs for each new client on the network.

High performance and reliability  :

  • Each 7000 Series provides connectivity for up to 4,096 concurrent users or client devices, 64 access points and include up to 24 Ethernet ports and multiple WAN uplinks.

  • With 8 Gb/s of maximum throughput to perform Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) features, the 7000 Series delvers plenty of horsepower for the most demanding enterprise environments.

  • These capabilities are over 40 times the client density and 10 times the maximum throughput of typical network appliances. For enhanced resiliency and availability, the 7000 Series can be clustered together in a network.

Aruba 7000 Series Controller  24/7 Mission-critical networking  :

  • HPE Aruba 7000 Series Mobility Controllers

    Aruba’s unique patented wireless technologies are based on AI-powered machine learning algorithms and integrated directly into ArubaOS.

  • Adaptive Radio Management, AirMatch and ClientMatch (now enhanced with Wi-Fi 6 grouping) provide RF optimization techniques to improve user experience and network health based on changing environmental conditions, correct for noisy or congested RF and resolve sticky client issues during user roaming.

  • RFProtect provides advanced spectrum analysis and wireless intrusion protection (WIPS/WIDS) to help identify and mitigate Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi sources of interference, as well as containment of potential security risks. Learn more about Aruba’s software features on the ArubaOS datasheet.

  • When deployed with Aruba Mobility Master, the 7000 Series can be joined to a controller cluster to increase scale, improve reliability using High Availability (HA), adopt configurations seamlessly based on hierarchy, support Live Upgrades to reduce maintenance windows, and share licenses from a global licensing pool.

  • The 7000 Series also serves a key policy enforcement role in Aruba’s 360 Secure Fabric. Aruba AirWave provides real-time monitoring, reporting and Wi-Fi planning and visibility services.

Microsoft features :

  • Aruba’s integration with Microsoft enables unique application intelligence that detects Microsoft 365, Teams and Skype for Business traffic and then prioritizes them over less critical applications.

  • Through management interfaces on ArubaOS, Aruba Central, and Aruba AirWave, IT can visualize call quality metrics such as MOS, latency, jitter, and packet loss for additional insights.

Aruba 7000 Series Controller Mobility deployment  :

  • The Aruba 7000 Series can be deployed using Aruba Mobility Controller software licenses in a campus or branch access layer deployment.

  • In this mode, the controllers cannot be simultaneously used for SD-WAN.

  • In Mobility Controller mode, the 7000 Series can also participate in Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation framework, with, at minimum, an access point (AP) license and a Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) license for each Aruba access point and switch in the network.

SD-WAN Deployment  :

  • Refer to the SD-WAN use cases guide for more information on how the 7000 Series can be used. Each 7000 Series requires an Aruba Central software subscription license to enable SD-WAN software features and the use of cloud-based management. The SDWAN license also enables the use of the entire bandwidth capacity stated in the data sheet for each gateway.

  • For micro-branch deployments, the 7005, 7008 (and 9004) can be ordered with a base capacity license that supports up to 75 client devices each.

  • In high availability deployments, each primary and backup appliances need to have a separate subscription license applied.
  • Each SD-WAN Base Capacity subscription includes software support and TAC/phone support.
  • For SD-WAN hardware replacement support, order hardware-only support SKUs through Aruba value-added reseller (VAR).

Aruba 7000 Series Controller  Enhanced capabilities  :

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) enhanced with ClientMatch

  • Enhanced wireless security

  • Dynamic segmentation

  • Policy enforcement firewall

  • Application visibility and control

  • Web content filtering

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC)

  • Zero touch provisioning

  • Integrated VPN services

  • Third-party security integration

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