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Computer spare shop

At Elite Technology based you will find all dell spare parts and other brands, You can consider that we Have a computer spare shop

Spare parts are essential in many tasks
If you want to update your own device, you need spare parts, of if you want to raise the level of your business and its technology, you need spare parts, whether updating servers or office computers…etc.

Also, At Elite Company, we offer many spare parts such as RAMs, various types of graphics cards, processors, docking stations, Hard disks, Network adapters, SFPs, Transceiver cables, Power cables…etc
So with this Unique set of spare parts, you can Build Your Environment.
If you are searching for Dell spare parts Elite is the right choice


Dell spare parts

Moreover, We are partners with Dell EMC, So we offers all Dell spare parts with a competitive prices in the Egyptian market
You can find:

  • Dell server Ram
  • Dell Enterprises Hard-drives
  • Dell speakers
  • Dell adapters
Dell Spare Parts

You can Request your special customized order Such as:

A server with some customized parts as:

  • Intel Xeon gold 5420 + 2G, 28C/56T
  • 64 GB Memory RDIMM,4800MT/S Dual Rank
  • Broadcom
  • Qlogic 2772 Dual Port 32 GB fibre channel

In conclusion, with these Computer spare shop you can access the specifications you need

Elite Technology Based Partners
Because of our partnership with these companies

we can provide all their products easily, quickly, and with competitive prices in the Egyptian market.

Also, we are not provides spare parts only, We are provides all IT hard-wares as:

We offer all these products with different brands, Take a Step ad Order Now

Elite Technology Based, Build Your Environment