Redundant Solutions

Spare Parts



Why Redundant?

We strive to provide you with solutions which will give you the richest experience and minimal downtime.Redundancy is a desirable quality when technology is involved.

Redundant Solutions such as:Hardwares,switches,servers,cables,FireWall,UPS,NIS and other devices that will help your company work efficiently to meet the challenges of today's technology.

In the demand-driven world of manufacturing,spare parts are vital assets for maintaining productivity.Having spare parts readily available allows your company to meet or exceed your production goals, thereby ensuring on-time shipment and delivery of your products.

We offer door-to door shipping to any place connecting people and businesses all over the world. Flexible shipping for your business ...

We suggest the best equipments that support your business.

Our Solutions

Transform your business with solutions built for a world where everything computes

Big Data

We can help you meet extreme enterprise requirements for your Hadoop and Spark environments.

HPC Clusters

Our HPC Cluster solutions feature cutting-edge CPU and GPU technologies for compute-intensive applications.

Internet Of Things

We go beyond connected devices to make IoT a part of your business strategy and help you future-proof your business.

Disaster Recovery

Our DR solutions will give you confidence and peace of mind knowing your company is prepared for the worst.