Tesla T4 PCI-E Nevidia Graphic CardTU104 NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU). The T4 has 16 GB GDDR6 memory and a 70 W maximum power limit. The T4 is offered as a passively cooled board that requires system air flow to operate the card within its thermal limits. NVIDIA supports x8 and x16 PCI Express for the T4. NVIDIA T4 is a universal deep learning accelerator ideal for distributed computing environments. Powered by NVIDIA Turing™ Tensor Cores, T4 provides revolutionary multi-precision performance to accelerate deep learning and machine learning training and inference, video transcoding, and virtual desktops. As part of the NVIDIA AI Platform, T4 supports all AI frameworks and network types, delivering dramatic performance and efficiency that maximize the utility of at-scale deployments. NVIDIA T4 boards are shipped with ECC and page retirement enabled by default. For general design and system qualification guidance, refer to the System Design Guide for NVIDIA Enterprise GPU Products Design Guide (DG-07562-001). For best performance with NVIDIAT4, make sure that you use a server that has been qualified for T4 that meets the thermal and airflow requirements for NVIDIA T4. Refer to the following website for the latest list of qualified T4 servers

Specification                                        Description

Product SKU                                               PG183 SKU 200

                                                                         NVPN: 699-2G183-0200-xxx                                                                        Order part numbers: (See Notes)

•                                         900-2G183-0000-000 •900-2G183-0000-001

Total board power                                      70 W (default)

GPU SKU                                                         TU104-895

PCI Express interface                                PCI Express 3.0 ×16 x8

Thermal cooling solution                          Passive

Weight Board                                               301 Grams

Tesla T4 PCI-E Nvidia Graphic Card