Tesla M60 PCI-E Nvidia Graphic Card with GPU Memory 16 GB of GDDR5 Memory (8 per GPU) , Max Power Consumption 300 W , Max User per Board 32 (16 per GPU). NVIDIA GRID delivers the power of Tesla GPUs to virtual workstations, desktops, and apps, for an immersive experience for everyone from designers to mobile professionals to office workers. Bringing graphics acceleration to the data center, letting IT centralize apps and data and provide virtual workspaces that offer improved management, security, and productivity.

Key Benefits

Raise the bar on productivity

Transform workflows to liberate your users and data from the confines of PCs, workstations, offices, and distance. With NVIDIA GRID, your teams can seamlessly collaborate in realtime, wherever they are, using any device they choose to be productive.

Simplify IT management

IT can now centralize data and applications in the data center and deliver a graphicsaccelerated virtual workspace with improved IT manageability, security, and graphics performance that exceeds user expectations.

Protect mission-critical assets and IP

Protect your most valuable data by keeping it centralized within the data center. You can securely collaborate with business partners without the threat of data loss, while also enabling new mobile, work-fromanywhere work styles.

Tesla M60 PCI-E Nvidia Graphic Card