The NVIDIA® A100 40GB PCIe GPU is a dual-slot 10.5 inch PCI Express Gen4 card based on the NVIDIA Ampere GA100 graphics processing unit (GPU). It uses a passive heat sink for cooling, which requires system air flow to properly operate the card within its thermal limits. The A100 PCIe supports double precision (FP64), single precision (FP32) and half precision (FP16) compute tasks, unified virtual memory, and page migration engine. For performance optimization, NVIDIA GPU Boost™ feature is supported. NVIDIA GPU Boost automatically and dynamically adjusts the GPU clock during runtime to optimize performance within the power cap and thermal limits. A100 PCIe boards are shipped with ECC enabled by default to protect the GPU’s memory interface and the on-board memories. ECC protects the memory interface by detecting any single, double, and all odd-bit errors. The GPU will retry any memory transaction that has an ECC error until the data transfer is error-free. ECC protects the DRAM content by fixing any single-bit errors and detecting double-bit errors. The A100 with 40 GB of HBM2 memory has native support for ECC and has no ECC overhead, both in memory capacity and bandwidth. The NVIDIA A100 GPU operates unconstrained up to its thermal design power (TDP) level of 250 W to accelerate applications that require the fastest computational speed and highest data throughput.

Product Specifications

Specification         NVIDIA A100

Product SKU         P1001 SKU 200 NVPN: 699-21001-0200-xxx

Total board power           250 W

Thermal solution            Passive

Mechanical Form Factor    Full-height, full-length (FHFL) 10.5”, dual-slot GPU SKU                         GA100-883AA-A1

PCI Device IDs

Device ID: 0x20F1

Vendor ID: 0x10DE

Sub-Vendor ID: 0x10DE

Sub-System ID: 0x145F

GPU clocks          Base: 765 MHz Boost: 1410 MHz

VBIOS                    EEPROM size: 8 Mbit UEFI: Supported

PCI Express interface     PCI Express 4.0 ×16 Lane and polarity reversal supported

Power connectors and headers       One CPU 8-pin auxiliary power connector


 Board: 1240 Grams (excluding bracket and extenders) Bracket with screws: 20 Grams

Long offset extender: 64 Grams

Straight extender: 39 Grams

Tesla A100 PCIE NVIDIA Graphic Card