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Cisco Power Supply 66 Watt AC V2 for C890 and C1100 series PWR-66W-AC-V2

Its compatibility with multiple router models makes it a versatile solution for businesses with diverse networking needs. Additionally, Cisco’s reputation for quality and reliability extends to its power supply units, offering peace of mind for organizations relying on uninterrupted network connectivity.

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Particularly made to supply dependable power to Cisco C890 and C1100 series routers—including the PWR-66W-AC-V2—is the Cisco Power Supply 66 Watt. This power supply, with a 66-watt capacity, supports the numerous features and capabilities of these routers and guarantees their reliable and effective operation.

Main features:
Product Description: Cisco Version 2 – power supply – 66 Watt
Device Type: Power supply
Input Voltage: AC 100-240 V
Power Capacity: 66 Watt
Designed For: Cisco 891, 891-24X, 891F, 891FJ, 891FW, 891W, 892, 892F, 892FSP, 892J, 892W, 896VA, 896VAG 4G, 897VA, 897VAG 4G, 897VAGW 4G, 897VAMG 4G, 898EA, 898EAG 4G, 899G 4G
Extended details:
Power Device
Frequency Required: 50 – 60 Hz

In conclusion, cisco Power Supply 66 Watt for C890 and C1100 series PWR-66W-AC-V2 will improve your work experience and make it more smoother.

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