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NW0CG Dell R440 Server Cooling Fan

Upgrade your server’s cooling efficiency with the NW0CG Dell R440 Server Cooling Fan. Engineered for performance and reliability, this fan ensures optimal airflow to keep your system running smoothly even under heavy workloads.

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The Dell PowerEdge R440 Fan NW0CG is the right solution for controlling the temperature of your R440 server to give you maximum performance to make your workflow smoother.

Dell R440 Server Cooling Fan NW0CG specs:

Type: Server Fan
Part Number: NW0CG
T-1: Original Genuine
T-2: Server Heatsink Fan
T-3: Heatsink fan
T-4: CPU Fan
T-5: CPU Cooling Heatsink
T-6: For Server Workstation
T-7: Server CPU Cooler Fan
T-8: CPU Chip Cooling Fan
T-9: CN-0NW0CG
T-10: For PowerEdge
T-11: Chip Cooling Fan Accessories