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NVIDIA GPUs power the world’s most advanced desktop workstations, providing the visual computing power required by millions of professionals as part of their daily workflow.

All phases of the professional workflow, from creating, editing, and viewing 2D and 3D models and video, to working with multiple applications across several displays



NVIDIA T1000 graphic card 4GB DDR6 built on the NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture, is a powerful, low profile solution that delivers the full-size features

performance and capabilities required by demanding professional applications in a compact graphics card.

Featuring 896 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory,

NVIDIA T1000 graphic card enables professionals to tackle multi-app workflows, from 3D modeling to video editing.

Also, it Support for up to four 5K displays gives you the expansive visual workspace to view your work in stunning detail.

The NVIDIA Turing architecture provides significant performance improvements with NVIDIA T1000

resulting in more than 50% graphics performance, compared to the previous generation P1000.

Moreover, Ultra-fast GDDR6 graphics memory technology provides twice the memory bandwidth of the previous generation.


  • Four Mini DisplayPort 1.4 connectors with latching mechanism1
  • DisplayPort with audio
  • NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager software
  • NVIDIA RTX Experience
  • NVIDIA Mosaic technology2
  • HDCP 2.2 support

NVIDIA T1000 graphic card Specification

  • GPU Memory : 4 GB GDDR6
  • Memory Interface : 128-bit
  • Memory Bandwidth : Up to 160 GB/s
  • NVIDIA CUDA Cores : 896
  • Single-Precision Performance : Up to 2.5 TFLOPs3
  • System Interface : PCI Express 3.0 x 16
  • NVIDIA T1000 4GB DDR6 Max Power Consumption : 50 W
  • Thermal Solution : Active
  • Form Factor : 2.713 inches H x 6.137 inches L, single slot
  • Display Connectors : 4 x mDP 1.4 with latching mechanism
  • Max Simultaneous Displays : 4x 3840 x 2160 120Hz , 4x 5120 x 2880 60Hz , 2x 7680 x 4320  60Hz
  • Graphics APIs : DirectX 12.074, Shader Model 5.174, OpenGL 4.685 , Vulkan 1.25
  • Compute APIs : CUDA, Direct Compute, OpenCL

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