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NetApp EF300 SAN Storage

The NetApp EF300 SAN Storage 367TB is an entry-level all-flash storage array designed for mixed workload environments such as big data analytics and databases.

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The NetApp EF300 SAN Storage 367TB is an entry-level all-flash storage array designed for mixed workload environments such as big data analytics and databases.

It is part of NetApp’s E-Series family of storage arrays

The EF300 is a powerful and affordable storage solution that delivers high performance and low latency.

It is ideal for organizations that need to accelerate access to their data and improve application performance.


All-flash storage :
The EF300 uses solid-state drives (SSDs) to deliver high performance and low latency.
This makes it ideal for demanding workloads that require fast access to data.

NVMe support : The EF300 supports NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) over Fabrics, which is a high-performance storage protocol that can deliver even lower latency than traditional SAS or SATA protocols.

High performance : The EF300 can deliver up to 20GBps of read bandwidth and 670,000 IOPS.
This makes it ideal for a wide range of workloads, including databases, virtual machines, and analytics applications.

Easy to use : The EF300 is easy to set up and manage. It comes with a web-based GUI that makes it easy to provision storage, create volumes, and monitor performance.

Reliable : The EF300 is designed for high availability and reliability. It offers features such as redundant controllers, self-healing storage, and data mirroring to help ensure that your data is always available.

NetApp EF300 SAN Storage 367TB Specs 

Maximum IOPS : 670,000 IOPS

Average Latency :

  • <100µs up to 50,000 4K random write IOPS
  • <100µs up to 150,000 4K random read IOPS
  • <200µs up to 670,000 4K random read IOPS

Sustained throughput : Up to 20GBps

Maximum drives in base controller enclosure : 24

Maximum raw capacity in base controller enclosure : 367TB

Drive types supported

  • SSD (NVMe)
  • SED: 1.9TB, 3.8TB, 7.6TB, 15.3TB
  • FIPS: 3.8TB
  • Non-SED: 1.9TB, 3.8TB

Expansion options : SAS Expansion: Up to 240 NL-SAS HDDs or Up to 96 SAS SSDs

Maximum raw capacity with expansion : 4.7PB hybrid, or 1.8PB all-SSD

Form factor :Base system: 2U/24

Expansion shelves: 4U/60 and 2U/12 hybrid; 2U/24 all-flash

System memory : 32GB

NetApp EF300 SAN Storage 367TB Host I/O ports :

  • NVMe/IB, NVMe/RoCE
  • 4 ports 100Gb iSER/IB, SRP/IB
  • 8 ports 32 Gb NVMe/FC
  • 8 ports 32Gb SCSI FC
  • 8 ports 25Gb iSCSI

System management : SANtricity System Manager (web-based, on-box)

High-availability features (all platforms) :

  • Dual active controller with automated I/O path failover
  • Automatic load balancing and path connectivity monitoring
  • Dynamic Disk Pools technology and traditional RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10
  • Redundant, hot-swappable storage controllers, disk drives, power supplies, and fans
  • Automatic rebuild after a drive failure
  • Mirrored data cache with battery-backed destage to flash
  • Data Assurance (T10 PI ANSI standard to ensure data integrity)
  • Proactive drive health monitoring that identifies problems before they create issues
  • NetApp Active IQ
  • Online SANtricity OS upgrades and drive firmware upgrades
  • Online configuration changes
  • Six-nines availability (with appropriate configuration and service plans)

Security features :

  • Self-encrypting drives support (SED/FIPS) support[5]
  • Native encryption key management
  • External encryption key management (KMIP-compliant)
  • Role-based access control and audit log
  • LDAP/LDAPS for user authentication
  • SAML support to enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Common Criteria certified

System capabilities :

  • Dynamic Disk Pools and Traditional RAID coexistence
  • Dynamic volume expansion
  • Dynamic capacity expansion for DDP or RAID volume group
  • Dynamic capacity contraction (DDP only)
  • Dynamic RAID-level or segment size migration (traditional RAID only)
  • Embedded system event monitoring
  • Full Stripe Write Acceleration (FSWA) to accelerate system write performance (for qualifying workloads)

Included software features :

  • SANtricity volume copy
  • SANtricity Snapshot
  • Remote Storage Volumes
  • SANtricity asynchronous mirroring
  • SANtricity SSD read cache

Management enablers :

  • SANtricity Unified Manager for enterprise management of up to 500 systems
  • NetApp SANtricity Storage Plugin for vCenter
  • NetApp SANtricity Performance App for Splunk Enterprise
  • VMware vSphere Storage APIs Array Integration (VAAI)
  • Microsoft Windows Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX)

Open management and orchestration :

  • NetApp SANtricity Web Services embedded REST API
  • NetApp SANtricity Secure CLI
  • Ansible modules for E-Series
  • NetApp PowerShell Toolkit

System maximums :

  • Max hosts: 512
  • Max partitions: 256
  • Volumes: 1,024
  • Maximum DDP volume size: 2PiB
  • Maximum RAID volume size: 30 drives
  • Snapshot copies: 1,024

NetApp EF300 SAN Storage 367TB Height : 3.43” (8.7cm)

Width : 19.02” (48.3cm)

Depth : 17.6” (44.7cm)

Weight : 53.66lb (24.34kg)

kVA :

  • Typical: 0.646
  • Maximum: 0.872

Watts :

  • Typical: 643
  • Maximum: 870

NetApp EF300 SAN Storage 367TB BTU :

  • Typical: 2194
  • Maximum: 2970

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