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Fortinet FortiWiFi 60F/ 61F Firewalls

The FortiGate FortiWiFi 60F and 61F Firewalls series provides a fast and secure SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses.


The FortiGate Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F and 61F Firewalls series provides a fast and secure SD-WAN solution in a compact fanless desktop form factor for enterprise branch offices and mid-sized businesses.

Protects against cyber threats with system-on-a-chip acceleration and industry-leading secure SDWAN in a simple, affordable, and easy to deploy solution.

Fortinet’s Security-Driven Networking approach provides tight integration of the network to the new generation of security.

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Security

  • Identifies thousands of applications inside network traffic for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement
  • Protects against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic
  • Prevent and detect against known and unknown attacks using continuous threat intelligence from AI powered FortiGuard Labs security services


  • Delivers industry’s best threat protection performance and ultra-low latency using purpose-built security processor (SPU) technology
  • Provides industry-leading performance and protection for SSL encrypted traffic

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Certification

  • Independently tested and validated best security effectiveness and performance
  • Received unparalleled third-party certifications from NSS Labs


  • Delivers advanced networking capabilities that seamlessly integrate with advanced layer 7 security and virtual domains (VDOMs) to offer extensive deployment flexibility, multi-tenancy and effective utilization of resources
  • Delivers high-density, flexible combination of various high-speed interfaces to enable best TCO for customers for data center and WAN deployments


  • Includes Management Console that’s effective, simple to use, and provides comprehensive network automation & visibility.
  • Provides Zero Touch Integration with Security Fabric’s Single Pane of Glass Management
  • Predefined compliance checklist analyzes the deployment and highlights best practices to improve overall security posture

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Interfaces

  • 1x USB Port
  • 1x Console Port
  • 2x GE RJ45 WAN Ports
  • 1x GE RJ45 DMZ Port
  • 2x GE RJ45 FortiLink Ports
  • 5x GE RJ45 Internal Ports

FortiGate Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F and 61F Firewalls

Powered by Purpose-built Secure SD-WAN ASIC SOC4

  • Combines a RISC-based CPU with Fortinet’s proprietary Security Processing Unit (SPU) content and network processors for unmatched performance
  • Delivers industry’s fastest application identification and steering for efficient business operations
  • Accelerates IPsec VPN performance for best user experience on direct internet access
  • Enables best of breed NGFW Security and Deep SSL Inspection with high performance
  • Extends security to access layer to enable SD-Branch transformation with accelerated and integrated switch and access point connectivity

3G/4G WAN Connectivity

The FortiGate 60F Series includes a USB port that allows you to plug in a compatible third-party 3G/4G USB modem, providing additional WAN connectivity or a redundant link for maximum reliability.

Compact and Reliable Form Factor

Designed for small environments, you can place it on a desktop or wall-mount it.

It is small, lightweight yet highly reliable with superior MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), minimizing the chance of a network disruption.

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Secure Access Layer

FortiLink protocol enables you to converge security and the network access by integrating the Forti Switch into the FortiGate as a logical extension of the NGFW.

These FortiLink enabled ports can be reconfigured as regular ports as needed.

Security Fabric

The industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity platform, powered by FortiOS, with a rich ecosystem designed to span the extended digital attack surface, delivering fully automated, self-healing network security.

  • Broad: Coordinated detection and enforcement across the entire digital attack surface and lifecycle with converged networking and security across edges, clouds, endpoints and users
  • Integrated: Integrated and unified security, operation, and performance across different technologies, location, deployment options, and the richest Ecosystem
  • Automated: Context aware, self-healing network & security posture leveraging cloud-scale and advanced AI to automatically deliver near-real-time, user-to-application coordinated protection across the Fabric

The Fabric empowers organizations of any size to secure and simplify their hybrid infrastructure on the journey to digital innovation.

FortiOS Operating System

FortiOS, Fortinet’s leading operating system enable the convergence of high performing networking and security across the Fortinet Security Fabric delivering consistent and context-aware security posture across network endpoint, and clouds.

The organically built best of breed capabilities and unified approach allows organizations to run their businesses without compromising performance or protection, supports seamless scalability, and simplifies innovation consumption.

The release of FortiOS 7 dramatically expands the Fortinet Security Fabric’s ability to deliver consistent security across hybrid deployment models consisting on appliances, software and As-a-Service with SASE, ZTNA and other emerging cybersecurity solutions.


Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Specifications

Hardware Specifications

GE RJ45 WAN / DMZ Ports : 2 / 1

GE RJ45 Internal Ports : 5

GE RJ45 FortiLink Ports (Default) : 2

Wireless Interface : Single Radio (2.4GHz/5GHz), 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac-W2

USB Ports : 1

Console (RJ45) : 1

Internal Storage : 1 x 128 GB SSD+

System Performance Enterprise Traffic Mix

IPS Throughput2 : 1.4 Gbps

NGFW Throughput2, 4 : 1 Gbps

Threat Protection Throughput2, 5 : 700 Mbps

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F System Performance

Firewall Throughput (1518 / 512 / 64 byte UDP packets) : 10/10/6 Gbps

Firewall Latency (64 byte UDP packets) :  3.3 μs

Firewall Throughput (Packets Per Second) : 9 Mpps

Concurrent Sessions (TCP) : 700,000

New Sessions/Second (TCP) :  35,000

Firewall Policies :  5,000

IPsec VPN Throughput (512 byte)1 : 6.5 Gbps

Gateway-to-Gateway IPsec VPN Tunnels : 200

Client-to-Gateway IPsec VPN Tunnels : 500

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F SSL-VPN Throughput : 900 Mbps

Concurrent SSL-VPN Users (Recommended Maximum, Tunnel Mode) : 200

SSL Inspection Throughput (IPS, avg. HTTPS)3 : 630 Mbps

SSL Inspection CPS (IPS, avg. HTTPS)3 : 400

SSL Inspection Concurrent Session (IPS, avg. HTTPS)3 : 55,000

Application Control Throughput (HTTP 64K)2 : 1.8 Gbps

CAPWAP Throughput (HTTP 64K) : 8 Gbps

Virtual Domains (Default / Maximum) : 10 / 10

Maximum Number of FortiSwitches Supported : 16

Maximum Number of FortiAPs (Total / Tunnel Mode) : 64 / 32

Maximum Number of FortiTokens : 500

High Availability Configurations : Active-Active, Active-Passive, Clustering

FortiGate Fortinet FortiWiFi 60F and 61F Firewalls


Height x Width x Length (inches) : 1.5 x 8.5 x 6.3

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Height x Width x Length (mm) : 38.5 x 216 x 160 mm

Weight : 2.23 lbs (1.01 kg)

Form Factor : Desktop

Fortinet Security FortiWiFi 60F Radio Specifications

Multiple User (MU) MIMO : 3×3

Maximum Wi-Fi Speeds : 1300 Mbps 5 GHz, 450 Mbps 2.4 GHz

FortiGate 61F Firewalls Maximum Tx Power : 20 dBm

Antenna Gain : 3.5 dBi 5 GHz, 5 dBi  2.4 GHz

Operating Environment and Certifications

Power Rating : 12Vdc, 3A

Power Required : Powered by External DC Power Adapter, 100–240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Maximum Current : 100Vac/1.0A, 240Vac/0.6A

Power Consumption (Average / Maximum) : 17.2 W / 18.7 W , 17.5 W / 19.0 W

Heat Dissipation : 63.8 BTU/hr , 64.8 BTU/hr

Operating Temperature : 32–104°F (0–40°C)

FortiGate 61F series Firewalls Storage Temperature-31–158°F (-35–70°C)

Humidity : 10–90% non-condensing

Noise Level : Fanless 0 dBA

Operating Altitude : Up to 7,400 ft (2,250 m)

Compliance : FCC Part 15 Class B, C-Tick, VCCI, CE, UL/cUL, CB

Certifications : ICSA Labs: Firewall, IPsec, IPS, Antivirus, SSL-VPN

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