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Cisco 9500 Power Supply PWR-C4-950WAC-R

Cisco PSU , Cisco 9500 Power Supply , PWR-C4-950WAC-R

Cisco Config 4 – Power supply – hot-plug / redundant (plug-in module) – AC 115-230 V – 950 Watt


Cisco 9500 Power Supply PSU 950W PWR-C4-950WAC-R

Cisco PSU 950W , Cisco 9500 Power Supply , PWR-C4-950WAC-R

Cisco Config 4 – Power supply – hot-plug / redundant (plug-in module) – AC 115-230 V – 950 Watt

Cisco PSU Specifications

Device Type  :  Power supply – hot-plug / redundant – plug-in module

Input Voltage  :  AC 115-230 V

Frequency Required  :  50 – 60 HzCisco PSU 950W , Cisco 9500 Power Supply , PWR-C4-950WAC-R

Cisco PSU 950w Input Connectors  :  Power IEC 60320 C16 15A

Power Capacity  :  950 Watt

Efficiency  :  94%

Features  :  Cooling fan, front to rear airflow

Cisco PSU 950W Designed For  :  Cisco Catalyst 9500 (950 Watt)

Cisco PSU 950W Installation Guidelines

The switch chassis must be installed in a cabinet or rack that is secured to the data center.

Remove the Cisco PSU 950W power supply from its shipping container and remove any packaging.

You need the following additional tools and equipment :

  • Nut driver attachment for number 1 Phillips-head screwdriver or ratchet wrench with torque capability (used only for DC-input power supplies).
  • For the DC-input power supply, you need four power cables sized to reach the DC power source or power interface unit (PIU).
  • Grounding wire Size this wire to meet local and national installation requirements. For U.S.

installations, you must use a 8-24 AWG copper conductor.

For installations outside the U.S

consult your local and national electrical codes.

The length of the grounding wire depends on the proximity of the switch to proper grounding facilities.

The chassis is connected to an earth ground.

You have receptacles for the power sources within reach of the Cisco PSU 950W power supply cables.

If you are connecting to a DC power, check that you are using 8-24 AWG power cables to connect to the power supply.

The 8-24 AWG wire size applies to the negative [-], and positive [+] cables that connect to negative and positive apertures on the connector. You have to procure the power cable.

If you are installing more than one DC-input power supply, each must be protected by a dedicated circuit breaker or a fuse that issized according to the power supply input rating and the local or national electrical
code requirements.

The Cisco PSU 950W sources are rated as follows:

  • For North American AC-input installations 10A with 110V circuits.
  • For North American DC-input installations (–48 VDC nominal at 37 A in North America (operating range : –40.5 to –56 VDC).
  • For international installations Size the circuits by local and national standards.

The power supply is already inserted into the chassis.

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