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Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors

Through continuous monitoring and testing of the network from a user perspective, it’s easier than ever to separate Wi-Fi issues from others impacting DHCP, DNS, or cloud connectivity.


Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors Powerful sensor that looks good in a conference room, classroom, or a 5-star hotel.

Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) empowers enterprises with a new focus on user satisfaction and application service levels.

Through continuous monitoring and testing of the network from a user perspective, it’s easier than ever to separate Wi-Fi issues from others impacting DHCP, DNS, or cloud connectivity.

Easily identify application performance issues.

Aruba User Experience Insight delivers a new level of incident detection using AIOps to pinpoint issues that require immediate attention.

With onsite sensors and a simple to use could dashboard, IT teams gain a new level of visibility across the campus and branch, while eliminating alert fatigue.

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors Key features

  • Intuitive, simple-to-use dashboard with end-to-end visibility over performance and health

  • AI-Based alerts that bring attention to the most critical events

  • Automated user and application experience monitoring through synthetic testing

  • Metrics available for wired, wireless, and cloud application connectivity

  • Simplified deployment and backup connectivity with built-in cellular connectivity

  • Multivendor support enables testing for any Aruba or third-party network environment

  • Integration with third-party applications like ServiceNow and Slack via Webhooks

AI-Based analytics

UXI is part of Aruba’s AIOps solution and leverages machine learning to surface critical problems through onsite sensors and a learning alert system.
Examples of available insights and outcomes include:
  • Device association: All stages of connections including authentication, DHCP and DNS helps identify where in the process users may experience problems.

  • End-to-End app responsiveness: Continuous visibility into the responsiveness of internal and cloud-hosted applications by location that gets in front of issues where there are no dedicated IT resources.

  • AI Alerts: Near real-time insight per area into critical services that require IT attention, such as guest portal load times, Slow application performance, bad VoiP quality, packet loss and outages that IT can use to quickly troubleshoot issues. Alerts can also trigger external applications like ServiceNow and slack using Webhooks.

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors Application and network monitoring

  • The UXI sensors monitor on-premises, data center and cloud based enterprise applications.

  • User can configure the sensor to log in and out of mission critical web applications, click links, fill out forms and perform various web interactions – just like real users do.

  • The UXI dashboard will report on the overall health of these applications including success, failure and transaction times. UXI sensors also come with an extensive library of pre-configured popular tests such as Dropbox, YouTube, Slack and Netflix.

  • UXI Sensors use dynamic packet captures that are uploaded to the cloud when issues are detected. The packet capture data is invaluable for troubleshooting issues in depth and arriving at root cause without having to visit the site.

  • Reported data includes: connectivity, throughput, latency, jitter, packet loss, web server response time, web application transaction time and VoIP MoS.

Secure to the core

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors

  • UXI Has been built from the ground up to ensure complete network security and privacy. Features include:
  • Data encryption at rest and in motion, and all communication using TLS

  • Hashing to conceal network access credentials

  • Unique Identities and Access Management (IAM) keys

  • No SSID bridging nor externally-accessible logic ports (SSH and in-bound Telnet are disallowed)

  • Security validation by independent vulnerability and penetration assessments.

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors Proactive user experience insights

Gain first-hand intelligence over network health from a user perspective. By using a synthetic sensor, multiple combinations of common user workflows can be tested.

Dynamic Packet Capture (PCAP)

  • Dynamic packet captures help identify problems and conduct root-cause analyses.
  • PCAP Files can be generated and uploaded automatically or on demand, and retained for up to 30 days. Raw data is retained for up to 18 months


Cloud-Delivered updates

With every subscription, UXi provides continuous software updates that enhance the value of your existing sensor infrastructure.

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors Vendor-Neutral integration

Deliver insights quickly for any network environment – just connect to a Wi-Fi or wired network.

Third-Party integrations

Enable Webhooks with services like slack and ServiceNow for instant notifications anywhere.

World-Class support

Get 24/7 assistance from Aruba live chat directly from the dashboard.

Aruba User Experience Insight Sensors Flexible deployment options

UXI Is available for Aruba and multi-vendor networks, and gathers health metrics from the wired LAN, WLAN, and cloud applications over the WAN.
One sensor can test up to four networks, one via the Ethernet port and up to three for Wi-Fi SSIDs. Components include:
  • UXI Dashboard

  • G-Series sensors

  • F-Series sensors

  • Mobile App

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