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Aruba HPE 10-GBE SFP+ Module J9538A

Aruba SFP+ Module  \  J9538A

J9538A v2 zl Module for Aruba 5400 zl Switch Series and HP 8200 zl Switch Series


Aruba HPE 10-GBE SFP+ Module J9538A

HPE 10-GBE SFP+ \  Aruba SFP+ Module  \  J9538A

J9538A HP 8-port v2 zl Module for Aruba 5400 zl Switch Series and HP 8200 zl Switch Series

HPE 10-GbE SFP+ v2 zl Module (J9538A)has 8 SFP+ ports for installing any of the supported HP transceivers.

The HP Switch v2 zl Modules are the second generation zl modules and provide a variety of improved network connectivity options for any of the HP E5400 zl or E8200 zl switches.

Compatibility Mode allows the inter-operation of v2 zl modules with the older zl modules in the same chassis switch.

When in Compatibility Mode, the switch accepts either v2 zl or zl modules.

The SFP+ ports do not support IEEE 802.3at PoE+.

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HPE 10-GBE SFP+ specifications

Brand  : HPE
Manufacturer part number  :  J9538A
Model/spare number  :  J9538-61001 | J9538-61101
Product Type  :  Expansion Module
Number of Total Expansion Slots  :  8
Expansion Slot Type  :  SFP+
Connectivity Technology  :  Wired
Data Link Protocol  :  10 Gigabit Ethernet
Data Transfer Rate  :  10 Gbps
Form Factor  :  Plug-in module
HPE 10-GBE SFP+  Compatibility  :  HPE E5400 Series zl Switches  \  HPE E8200 Series zl Switches
Operating Temperature  :  0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)
Non-Operating temperature  :  -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Relative humidity: (non-condensing)   :  15% to 95% at 40°C (104°F)
Form Factor : Plug-in Module
Connectivity Technology : Wired
Data Link Protocol : 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Data Transfer Rate : 10 Gbps
Compatible Slots : 1 x Expansion Slot
HPE 10-GBE SFP+ Width  : 10.3 in
Height  : 1.75 in
Depth  : 8.13 in
Weight  : 2.1 lb
ProCurve E5400/E8200 Series :  8206 zl Switch, 8206-44G-PoE+/2XG-SFP+ v2 zl Switch, 8212 zl Switch, 8212-92G-PoE+/2XG-SFP+ v2 zl Switch, 8212-92G-PoE+-2XG v2 zl Switch HPE Aruba 5406, 5406 zl, 5406 zl Switch Rack Shippable, 5406-44G-PoE+/4SFP Rack Shippable zl Switch, 5406-44G-PoE+/4SFP zl, 5406-44G-PoE+-2XG v2 zl, 5406- 44G- PoE+-4G-SFP v2 zl, 5406- 48G Rack Shippable zl, 5406-48G zl, 5412 zl, 5412-92G-PoE+/4SFP Rack Shippable zl, 5412-92G-PoE+/4SFP zl, 5412-92G- PoE+-2XG v2 zl, 5412-92G-PoE+-4G v2 zl, 5412- 96G zl

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