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APVS9601 SE Easy UPS Online SNMP Card



APVS9601 Schneider Easy UPS Online SNMP Card.

The SNMP Card is sensitive to static electricity.

When handling the SNMP Card, touch only the end plate while using one or more of these electrostatic-discharge devices (ESDs) : wrist straps, heel straps, toe straps, or conductive shoes.

UPS Specs

Dimensions with package Width x Height x Depth :​​​​​​​ 168 mm (6.61in) x 42 mm (1.65in) x 132 mm (5.2in)

Network ​​​​​​​: Auto-sense 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet RJ45 LAN Connector

Network Protocol : TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP-V1, SNMP-V2, SNMPV3

SNMP MIB : RFC1213, RFC1628

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