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9E10KI – Eaton 9E UPS 10KVA / 8KW

By choosing the Eaton 9E10KI UPS, you’re making a smart investment in protecting your mission-critical equipment and ensuring its continued operation during power disturbances.

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Ensure Uninterrupted Power for Large Workloads: Eaton 9E 9E10KI UPS

Experience robust and reliable power protection for your demanding applications with the Eaton 9E 10 kVA UPS (9E10KI).

This high-capacity UPS delivers exceptional backup power and advanced features, safeguarding your critical equipment from outages, surges, and power quality issues.

Eaton UPS 10KVA Features:

Exceptional Backup Power: The Eaton 9E10KI boasts a massive 10 kVA / 8 kW of backup power, providing ample time for a graceful shutdown of your servers, network devices, and other vital equipment during blackouts.

Advanced Online Double-Conversion Technology: Utilizing online double-conversion technology, the 9E10KI delivers the highest level of power protection available in a UPS.

Comprehensive Surge Protection: Protect your valuable equipment from damaging voltage spikes and sags that can lead to malfunctions and hardware failures.

Eaton 9E 9E10KI UPS Designed for Demanding IT Environments:

  • High-Density, Rack-mountable Design: The Eaton 9E10KI boasts a compact and rack-mountable design, optimizing valuable space within your data center or server rack environment.
  • This is ideal for businesses with extensive server deployments or those seeking to consolidate their UPS solution.
  • Versatile Connectivity Options: This UPS features a variety of outlets, including IEC C13 and C19 outlets, providing ample connections for your servers, workstations, network devices, and other critical equipment.
  • Additionally, the 9E10KI offers a high power factor (kVA = kW) output, ensuring efficient power delivery to your equipment.
Ideal for Businesses with High Power Needs:
  1. Large Server Rooms and Data Centers: Safeguard critical servers, storage systems, and network infrastructure from power disturbances.
  2. Virtualization Environments: Ensure uninterrupted operation of virtualized environments, protecting critical business applications.
  3. Industrial Automation and Control Systems: Maintain process continuity in industrial settings by protecting sensitive control systems from power disruptions.

Eaton 9E 9E10KI UPS Specs:

Part Number: 9E10KI

Length/Depth: 61.29 cm

Height: 70.85 cm

Width: 26.24 cm

Weight: 85.39 Kg

Battery Type: Sealed, lead-acid

Battery Replacement: Replaceable batteries

Eaton 9E 9E10KI UPS Battery Quantity: 20

Battery Management: Automatic battery test, Deep discharge protection

Battery Rating: 12 V / 9 Ah

Extended battery capability: Yes

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Electrical Output

Voltage: 230/400V

Wattage: 8 kW

Output Power Factor: 0.8

Output Voltage Range: 220/230/240 V +/- 2%

Output Waveform: Sine wave

Output Nominal Voltage: 230V default (220/230/240V)

Eaton 9E 9E10KI UPS Electrical Input

Input Connection: Hardwired/fixed connection

Input Nominal Voltage: 230V default (220/230/240V)

Nominal Frequency: 50/60 Hz

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