728629-B21 HPE DDR4 Registered Memory



HPE 728629-B2132GB (1x32GB) Dual Rank x4 DDR4-2133 CAS-15-15-15 Registered Memory Kit.

HPE DDR4 SmartMemory delivers great performance, reliability, and efficiency. Our large selection of server memory solutions provides the compatibility, capacity and bandwidth you need to productively manage your expanding workload with HPE ProLiant Gen9, Gen10, and Gen10 Plus servers, Apollo family servers, Synergy systems, and Blade systems. As workloads grow and data center trends such as server virtualization, cloud computing, and the use of large database applications increase the need for higher-capacity memory with greater uptime, the quality and reliability of DRAM become ever more important. HPE SmartMemory goes through additional rigorous qualification and testing processes that unlock extended memory performance features available only with HPE Gen9, Gen10, and Gen10 Plus servers. This extensive testing ensures that HPE server memory is completely compatible with and optimized for HPE servers.

Quality and Performance

HPE SmartMemory undergoes a rigorous qualification process to provide customers with the highest server memory quality options. Its performance is tested and optimized for HPE servers, supporting unique features only available with HPE servers and systems. In addition, it enhances memory throughput up to 23% and achieves an improvement in latency of up to 25%.

HPE Active Health System HPE SmartMemory works in conjunction with the HPE Active Health System

which monitors changes to the server hardware configuration to enable lifecycle monitoring of memory health status. Having insight into memory-related service events will shorten problem diagnosis and deliver rapid resolutions if and when failures occur. Whereas the pre-failure alert simply notifies the administrator of an impending failure, HPE SmartMemory can provide rich insight into memory-related events like multi-bit errors or configuration issues.


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