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Sophos Security Firewall

Elite Technology Based is one of the main Sophos Vendors and Suppliers in Egypt, we daily ship Sophos Security Firewall to Customers inside Egypt, and with free shipping rate inside Cairo

Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos Security Firewall introduces an innovative approach to the way that you
manage your firewall, and how you can detect and respond to threats on your

The Xstream Advantage

The Sophos Security Firewall XG Xstream architecture is engineered to deliver extreme levels
of visibility, protection, and performance to help address some of the greatest
challenges facing network administrators today.

Xstream SSL Inspection

According to the latest statistics, approximately 80% of web
traffic is encrypted, making it invisible to most firewalls.

An increasing amount of malware and potentially unwanted
apps exploit the fact that organizations are simply not using
SSL inspection.

Network administrators’ main fears are that SSL inspection will have a performance impact or cause something to break, impacting the user experience.
Sophos Security Firewall XG removes the blind spots caused by encrypted
traffic by allowing you to use SSL inspection whilst maintaining performance efficiency.

Xstream DPI Engine

We believe you should never have to decide between
security and performance.

Sophos Security Firewall XG includes a highspeed Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine to scan your
traffic for threats without a proxy slowing down the process.

The Sophos Security Firewall stack can completely offload the processing
to the DPI engine, significantly reducing latency and so
improving overall efficiency.

Sophos Security Firewall XG provides robust deep packet threat protection in
a single streaming engine for AV, IPS, Web, App Control and
SSL inspection.

Xstream Network Flow FastPath

Traffic which is known to be secure can be offloaded to the
Xstream Network Flow FastPath.

This accelerated path for trusted traffic boosts performance dramatically by
freeing up resources from unnecessary traffic inspection

This is particularly important for voice and video applications which are very sensitive to latency and so canquickly lead to a degradation of the user experience.

Sophos Firewall XG includes automatic and policy-based intelligent
offloading for trusted traffic processing at wire speed.

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