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Ruckus Wireless Products In Egypt

Elite Technology Based provides Ruckus Wireless Products In Egypt at Best prices.

We are partner to Ruckus in Egypt that allow us provide best prices in Egypt.

Why are Ruckus Wireless ?

  • Ruckus offers Switches, Wi-Fi access points
  • CBRS access points, Controllers, Management systems
  • Cloud management, AAA/BYOD software
  • AI and ML analytics software, location software and IoT controller software products to mobile carriers
  • broadband service providers, and corporate enterprises.
  • Usability is good and exceeded expectations
  • Great APs and system overall with only a few hiccups.
  • Switched to Ruckus wireless and was overall very pleasantly surprised.
  • Planning, setup, and implementation all were quick, fluid, and simple. 

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