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Riser Cards

Riser Cards are a printed circuit board that gives a computer motherboard the option for additional expansion cards to put  in the computer.
They are oriented in a perpendicular fashion to allow for better use of limited space.
This allows for expansions cards installation in a space where there would not be use for them traditionally.
Riser Cards have applications in both industrial and consumer spaces.


  • In servers, height for expansion cards limited by rack units.
  • depends on the size of the expansion card


  • In small-form-factor (SFF) computers built by computer enthusiasts
  • PCI-E Cards was in a similar sense to a server application.
  •  uses as sandwich a graphics card closer to a computer motherboard 

Riser Cables

  • Riser Cables in a computer based application allow for further distances of data transmission than traditional riser cards.
  • cables used a Riser Card PCB and an edge connector on each side of the cable
  • cables traditionally used in modern household gaming . 
  • allows for customization and the addition of additional parts to suit the creator or builders needs. 

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