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Raid & HBA Card

There are two types of controller cards (Raid & HBA Card) : Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), and RAID controller cards.

HBA Controller :

 is an expansion card that plugs into a slot (such as PCI-e) on the computer system’s motherboard

  • provides fast, reliable non-RAID I/O between the host and the storage devices.
  •  it allows devices in a Fibre Channel storage area network to communicate data between each other 
  •  it may connect a server to a switch or storage device, connect multiple storage systems, or connect multiple servers
  • Low cost, high connectivity, limited functionality,
    best performance

RAID controller card

  • is similar to an HBA, but can also add redundancy
  •  It optimize performance, reduce latency, or even make smart decisions on whether to store
  • data on an HDD or an SSD cache, depending on user needs.
  • Since these additional tasks consume power and processing speed
  • RAID controllers are typically more expensive than HBAs and handle fewer devices. 
  • RAID Intelligent data management, redundant logical configuration
  • support, broadest functionality, optimized performance
  • cache backup

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