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Elite Technology Based is one of the main Dell Vendors and Suppliers in Egypt, we daily ship Dell Tower Servers , Dell Rack Servers , all type of Dell PowerEdge Servers to Customers inside Egypt, and with free shipping rate inside Cairo

Servers come in several different configurations.
In the data center, decisions about blade server vs. rack server vs. tower server will affect performance, data center space, budgets, and scalability.
This article is a quick start guide to rack servers , tower servers: how to understand their advantages and shortcomings, and how each type fits into your server requirements.

What Is a Tower Server?

Dell Tower Servers are servers in a stand-alone chassis configuration.

They are manufactured with minimal components and software, so mid-size and enterprise customers can heavily customize the servers for specific tasks. For example, tower servers usually do not come with additional components like advanced graphic cards, high RAM, or peripherals.

Dell Tower Servers are typically targeted to customers who want to customize their servers and maintain a customized upgrade path.

For example, customers can configure tower servers as general-purpose servers, communication servers, web servers, or network servers that integrate using HTTP protocols.

Buyers may order the customization they need, or do it themselves when the tower server is shipped to their site.

Another usage case to Dell Tower Servers is a smaller business that needs a single powerful server to run multiple processes and applications.

Externally they resemble desktop towers, and like desktops they do not share input devices.

Multiple tower installations will require separate keyboards, mice, and monitors; or switches that make it possible to share peripheral devices.

They can share network storage like any other type of server.

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