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Servers come in several different configurations.
In the data center, decisions about blade server vs. rack server vs. tower server will affect performance, data center space, budgets, and scalability.
This article is a quick start guide to rack servers , tower servers: how to understand their advantages and shortcomings, and how each type fits into your server requirements.

Dell Rack servers are mounted on standardized racks that can reach 10 feet in height, allowing the data center to efficiently deploy dozens of rack-mounted servers.

What Is a Rack Server?

A rack server is a server mounted inside a rack.

Dell Rack Servers are typically general-purpose servers that support a broad range of applications and computing infrastructure.

The racks stack servers vertically to save data center floor space.

The more equipment that admins can stack vertically, the more equipment they can house.

Standardized racks are measured in units (U’s) that are 1.75 inches tall and 19 inches wide.

Rack servers fit into these dimensions by vertical multipliers, meaning that rack server heights may be 1U, 4U, 10U, or higher, like the 10 foot tall 70U rack that came out in 2016.

Additional devices are also manufactured to fit the rack unit standard, so companies can make use of empty units in their racks.

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