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Dell Latitude

Dell latitude laptops are designed for multi-tasking work, Latitude is a line of business laptops built to improve your business experience, dell 12th Gen laptops has fast memory and charging options, Elite Technology Based provides all Laptops In Egypt

Dell Latitude Laptop in Egypt

Dell latitude are designed to handle long work hours,  Dell laptops have many features, and unique with it’s elegant design.

There are many series of latitude laptops, and each series has its own advantages Such as:

  • Dell latitude 9000 series
  • latitude 7000 series
  • latitude 5000 series
  • latitude 3000 series

Latitude Features

  • Navigate your work easily with Haptic collaboration touchpad
  • Moreover, the ultralight magnesium frame allows you to work from anywhere (work on the go)
  • get the highest quality with 12th, 13th gen intel processors, latitude i5, latitude i7.
  • dell latitude designed with a great efficient cooling system
  • charge your laptop quickly with Dell USB-C laptop charger
Dell Laptops

Dell Latitude Laptops 12th Gen intel core processor

These processors offer significant performance improvements over previous generations, with more cores and threads for multitasking and demanding workloads. Options range from the efficient i5 to the powerful i7, allowing you to choose the processing power you need.

With dell latitude 12th Gen laptops you will get a unique experience with DDR4 memory Up to 32GB of DDR4 memory ensures smooth multitasking and responsiveness, even with heavy workloads. and PCIe NVMe SSDs These fast storage options provide quick boot times, rapid application loading, and improved overall system responsiveness.

Latitude 12th Gen Models

Elite Technology Based offers dell latitude laptops 12th Gen with a competitive prices in the Egyptian market

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We are Partners with DELL EMC

Because this partnership we can offer dell latitude Laptop in Egypt with a competitive prices and high specs in the Egyptian market.
also, we are providers for all dell products.
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